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Lip liner

Use lip liner in dry or liquid form for all-day lip definition. Lip liner is one of the easiest makeup products to use.

Lip liner selection tips

Lip liner colors can be very inventive and still look great. Follow these tips to choose your lip liner color:

  • Order a lip liner kit that includes matching lipstick.
  • Get a bulk pack of lip liners so you can experiment with different colors.
  • Find contrasting lip liner colors like dark green lip liner to wear with bright red lip gloss.
  • Watch makeup tutorials or ask friends to learn about the colors other people use to create attractive lipstick looks.
Try new combinations of lip color to update your lips and have fun.

Benefits of lip liner

Lip liner offers these benefits:

  • Less bleeding of lipstick at lip edges
  • Nourishing lip liner barrier
  • More natural look without hard lipstick edges
  • Adds depth and gracefully highlights lip shape when blended
Choose retractable lip liners for lip benefits on the go.