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Lip gloss

Some people love super shiny lip gloss reflections, while others only want more moisture on their lips without the glam. Beauty companies make both types of lip gloss.

Bold, glossy lip gloss

When you want a serious gloss finish on your lips, look for products with names like "super-duper-shiny formula" to find the attention-grabbing gloss. Plumping lip glosses, metallic glosses, and serums are most often sold in small bottles, and shiny lip gloss is available in the following containers:

  • Small cosmetic containers with screw-on lids
  • Tubes with applicators
  • Small bottles with brushes
  • Small roll-on bottles
  • Clamshell cases with brushes
  • Two-ended lip color and gloss pens
  • Novelty lip gloss dispensers

Soothing lip gloss

Natural lip gloss helps soothe chapped lips. You can add nourishing fruit oils, beeswax, vitamins, and minerals to your chapped lips with the following soothing lip glosses:

  • Lipstick balm
  • Under-lipstick moisturizer
  • Over-lipstick, glassy lip coating with emollients.
  • Clear lip gloss
  • Matte-finish color gloss
  • Waterproof lip gloss