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Herbal Essences shampoo

Herbal Essences includes dozens of collections of shampoos and other hair care products. Herbal Essences products feature captivating scents and clean ingredients.

Herbal Essences shampoo varieties

Shop for Herbal Essences shampoos by scent or by hair type. Varieties include:

  • Color Me Happy for color-treated hair
  • Hello Hydration to moisturize hair
  • Bio:Renew shampoo for restorative cleansing
  • Body Envy volumizing shampoo
  • Long Term Relationship for Long Hair
Smooth Collection and Shine shampoos are see-through liquid shampoos with many varieties available beyond those listed above.

Herbal Essences shampoo package options

Purchase Herbal Essences shampoos in single bottles or packages of three to six bottles for the dorm or cabin. For gifts, order shampoo bottles packaged with extra Herbal Essences products like conditioners and styling products.

Herbal Essences shampoo is also available in several dry varieties. Give gifts of dry shampoo to friends who love travel, festivals, and camping.