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Henna is a natural skin and hair dye that's been used by people as hair color and temporary skin decoration for thousands of years. Skin-safe henna powder is available in bulk or in kits for hair dying or creating hand and arm tattoos.

Henna kits

Henna kits are helpful for people who've never created henna tattoos before. Bulk henna kits are also great fundraising tools for organizations.

Basic henna kits include:

  • Ready-to use henna cones
  • Applicator bottle
  • Henna instruction booklet
Some kits include additional supplies. Each henna cone creates five to 20 designs.

To create more intricate henna designs, order specialty applicator tips and blocking paste. More tips and bottles let you add more colors, too.

Henna design products

Henna body markers and stencil kits make it easy to create eye-catching henna designs for parties and special events. For hair, order permanent cream hair colors made with henna for dye. Order combination henna-coloring and conditioning creams to refresh hair.