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Head & Shoulders

For a healthy scalp and hair with the added benefit of dandruff-fighting ingredients, use Head & Shoulders products. Choose from the range of shampoos, conditioners, and treatments to suit your needs.

Shampoo: Every shampoo helps combat dandruff, but you can choose one with other benefits, too. For example, nourish your hair and scalp, boost your volume, repair brittle hair, or calm an itchy scalp.

Conditioner: Particularly good if you have a dry scalp, these conditioners combat dandruff while moisturizing your scalp and hair. Just like the shampoos, they offer additional benefits, including instant relief for an itchy scalp or toxin-removing ingredients. Combine a shampoo and conditioner with the 2-in-1 options.

Treatment: To use alongside your normal hair products, choose a beneficial treatment for your scalp. The Royal Oils treatments include a soothing elixir for irritated scalps and a daily formula to moisturize your scalp.