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Hair Care Products

Who doesn't want gorgeous, healthy-looking hair? To achieve your best look, assess your hair and choose products designed for your hair type and styling needs.

You'll want to assess your hair in its natural state, without being blow dried or curled and without the addition of products such as mousse. Choose shampoo, conditioner and other hair care products based on whether your hair is oily, dry, normal or chemically treated. If you have oily hair, use conditioners sparingly. If you have dry hair, use moisturizing shampoo and deep conditioners. If your hair is normal — neither oily nor dry — use basic shampoos and conditioners designed for normal hair and avoid deep conditioners and products designed to reduce oily buildup. If your hair is color treated or permed, use products specifically designed for chemically treated hair, such as leave-in conditioners and hot oil treatments.

Once you've chosen your hair care products, choose styling products to achieve the look you want. Some products are designed to increase your hair's volume, while others are meant to make it smoother or shinier. If you use a hair dryer or other hair styling tools that use heat, choose products that protect your hair from heat damage.