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Gelish nail polish & accessories

Gelish invented the brush-in-bottle gel polish for salons, and now you can buy it directly to replicate that professional look. The brand's polish is a thin pigmented gel that hardens under ultraviolet or LED light. As a result, Gelish product can stay on nails unchipped and unpeeled for up to three weeks.

You apply Gelish like traditional nail polish, but you'll need a lamp for the curing process. Gelish starter kits include a selection of mini bottles of gel, an LED lamp that cures your nails in 30 seconds, plus everything you need for a complete manicure.

If you plan to do your own gel manicures at home, make sure you use Gelish nail cleanser and a lint-free wipe so that your nails are 100 percent oil-free. Apply and cure bond, foundation, then color and cure. Finish with a Gelish top coat and cure.