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Facial moisturizers for combination skin

With a greasy T-zone and dry cheeks, it can be hard to find the right facial moisturizers for combination skin. Choose the best texture and type, look for good hydrating ingredients, and consider ways to combat negative environmental effects on your skin.

Texture and type: Avoid heavy moisturizers, such as creams, oils, and ointments, and go for light moisturizers instead, such as serums and lotions. Opt for a non-comedogenic one to keep your T-zone under control.

Hydration: You need an oil-free moisturizer but also a light hydrating ingredient so that your pores don't produce excess oil. Good choices are glycerin and hyaluronic acid.

Other features: Combination skin is affected by the environment. Sun exposure irritates and causes breakouts so ensure the moisturizer has an SPF. Antioxidants help combat pollution.