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Face wipes

Face wipes are great when you're traveling or have had a late night and need to clean your face quickly. Consider your skin type and what use the face wipes are designed for as well as general beneficial features.

Type: Decide what you want the face wipes for, such as a complete facial cleanser, a makeup remover, or just for cleaning your eyelids. Some wipes are designed for exfoliation, are hydrating, or have detoxifying properties.

Skin type: Choose the right wipes for your skin type. Hypoallergenic and ultra-calming wipes are good for sensitive skin. Go for oil-free wipes for oily skin and hydrating wipes for dry skin.

Overall features: Wipes that don't tug at your skin are best, so check for softness on the pack. Ones that don't leave residue mean you don't have to rinse your face after use. Biodegradable wipes are better for the environment.