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Face washes for normal skin

Choosing a face wash for daily use when you have normal skin can be confusing because of the multitude of choices. Normal skin means your face is neither too oily nor too dry. Though skin changes over time, you'll want a cleanser that keeps that balance and radiant complexion as long as possible.

One key to finding the right daily facial wash for your normal skin is to determine what type you'll enjoy using. You have the option of cleansing gels, lightweight creams and milks, mousses, oils, foams, facial soap bars, and gentle exfoliating products. You'll even find products formulated for men, such as soothing shaving facial washes.

Next, select facial wash ingredients that most appeal to you. Ingredients such as aloe vera, jojoba, and cucumber cool the skin, for example. If you see the term "non comedogenic," it means the cleanser won't clog your pores.