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Face wash for dry skin

While looking for a face wash for dry skin that moisturizes, you also want to make sure that it doesn't cause irritation or breakouts. Whether you prefer a creamy, liquid, or foaming face wash, consider the ingredients to suit your dry skin.

For dry, sensitive skin: Opt for cleansers that are oil-free, alcohol-free, and paraben-free to prevent irritation. Cucumber, aloe, and chamomile are all soothing ingredients.

Combat breakouts: When you're prone to breakouts, cleansers with salicylic acid help prevent acne while vitamin E helps to heal irritation. Avoid cleansers with alcohol and go for deep-cleaning ones that keep your pores clear.

Dry skin with eczema: If you have eczema, choose a product containing ingredients known to soothe inflamed skin, such as blackberry extracts and vitamin E. Opt for a cleanser that's ultra gentle and doesn't contain any essential oils. A good ingredient to look for is hyaluronic acid, which helps keep moisture sealed in your skin.