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Eyebrow gel

Eyebrow gel helps you control and shape your eyebrows to suit a single look or a variety of looks. If you routinely sculpt or color your eyebrows, you need eyebrow gel.

Eyebrow gel for control

Like hairspray, eyebrow gel fixes brows in place. When you're wearing a hat or have swinging side bangs, gelled eyebrows stay put and are less likely to look unruly. It also helps you shape your eyebrows after plucking or concealing the hairs.

Tinted eyebrow gel

Choose eyebrow gel in various hair shades to match wigs, hair coloring, or specific makeup looks. Tinted eyebrow gels can help over-plucked or pale eyebrows stand out. Eyebrow gels are also available in clear formulations that don't alter the color or look of your eyebrows.