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Color-correcting concealer

When skin tones aren't quite right, color-correcting concealer can be the solution. This concealer comes in different color palettes to resolve specific skin tone issues.

Hints for choosing the color-correcting concealer for you

  • Choose green concealer to hide red blemishes or broken blood vessels.
  • The green in the concealer neutralizes redness in your skin.
  • Opt for yellow concealer to cover flaws with purple tones, such as bruises and under-eye circles.
  • Those battling a sallow complexion can give it a healthy glow with purple concealer.
  • Select a full color-correcting palette if you struggle with multiple skin tone issues.
  • Liquid concealer is ideal for all skin types, and cream concealer is the best choice for those who need full coverage.
  • Those with oily skin should choose a balm concealer while stick concealers are best for those with normal or dry skin.