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Cologne usually refers to men's fragrances but may also refer to women's scents. At around 2 percent total concentration of fragrance oils, cologne has less of a percentage of perfume oils than eau de parfum or eau de toilette.

Choosing cologne

First, ask yourself why you want to wear or give a fragrance. Then, choose cologne using the following guidelines:

  • Choose colognes with piney and woodsy notes for a masculine fragrance.
  • Select colognes with fruity and bright floral scents for a mood lifter and energizing aroma on your person.
  • Order designer colognes when you want to feel chic and leave a good impression.
  • Celebrity colognes make great gifts for people who have crushes or great admiration for the cologne's namesakes.

Explore cologne product descriptions to discover the individual ingredients that make up each cologne's distinctive fragrance.