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Coily hair care

Those with coily hair have special challenges to keep it healthy. This fragile hair type has the least amount of cuticle layers, which help protect hair from dryness. Keep coily hair hydrated and tangle-free with products designed for this hair type.

Tips for choosing coily hair care products

  • Look for shampoos that focus on hydration and moisturizing. Products with ingredients like shea butter and Moroccan oil are ideal for coily hair.
  • Choose a deep conditioner designed for daily use. A product without silicones, parabens, and sulfates is also ideal. These chemicals can be drying, which is especially dangerous for coily hair.
  • Find a leave-in conditioner for extra moisturizing. Leave-in conditioners are beneficial because they help with detangling, they protect hair from heat styling, and they can help you create a curly or wavy style.