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Burberry cologne

Burberry cologne features a distinctive blend of fragrance notes, making it an ideal choice for both casual and dressy occasions. Different Burberry colognes vary in fragrance notes, but they all share standard herbal, woody, and floral notes.

Tips for choosing Burberry cologne

  • Eau de toilette spray and eau de cologne products are interchangeable in fragrance strength.
  • Aftershave products have a lower fragrance concentration, so aftershaves won't last as long on the skin.
  • Fragrance bottles vary in size from 1 fluid ounce to more than 3 fluid ounces, and most Burberry fragrances are applied with a spray head.
  • Burberry products range from clean and refreshing for everyday wear, romantic and musky scents for evening, and natural, earthy scents that can be appropriate for any time.