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Black mascara

Black mascara is often your go-to mascara for both daytime and evening wear. Those with dark hair and medium to dark skin tone can wear black mascara easily, and even those with lighter hair and skin can pull off this look without issue.

Tips for choosing black mascara:

  • Choose mascara formulated for your look. Those trying to plump and volumize lashes should choose a product designed to add volume. Look for ingredients such as carnauba wax, which helps thicken lashes.
  • Opt for waterproof black mascara for those times when you know you may need it. If you're going to an event where tears are expected, such as a wedding or funeral, waterproof mascara can save your eyes. If you want your mascara to have staying power through swimming, waterproof products are a must. Otherwise, most days you should be fine with standard mascara that doesn't have added silicone and waxes.