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Mascara is makeup used to darken and accent the eyelashes. Most mascara is colored in some form of hair hue including black, brown, gray, and light brown, although other color mascaras are sometimes available.

Features of mascara

Some mascaras possess special properties to solve eyelash makeup issues. Collagen and other eyelash nutrients may be included in some mascara products. Consider the following mascara features:

  • Water-soluble mascara for easy makeup cleanup
  • Water-resistant mascara for athletic, emotional, and rainy events
  • Long-lasting mascara that resists flaking or smudging
  • Lengthening mascara for short lashes
  • Thickening or volumizing mascara for thin eyelashes

Mascara formulations

Mascara is generally packaged in bottles of liquid eyelash color. A wand is included in the bottle to apply the product. Some mascara is made in powder form and applied with a wand after adding water to the powder. Cream mascara is another option but requires a steady hand to avoid smudging.