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Noxzema skin care products combine deep skin cleansing ingredients with tingly, refreshing eucalyptus and menthol. Use Noxzema products to clear blocked pores and treat skin concerns including dry skin and blemishes.

Noxzema skin care labels

Noxzema produces several lines of skin care products for men and women. Choose from products including:

  • Classic Clean Noxzema skin cleanser that nourishes and hydrates skin
  • Ultimate Clear skin products with facial scrubs and blemish-fighting cleansing pads
  • Noxzema shave cream for normal and sensitive faces
  • Sunless Gloe shave gel with cocoa butter
  • Noxzema disposable razors in Spa Shave, Super Smooth, and Replenish varieties

Ordering options

Noxzema skin cleanser cream is available in screw-top jars or pump bottles. Facial scrubs are packaged in flip-top tubes, while blemish pads are packed in lidded plastic jars. You can order single packages or packs of Noxzema products in multiples of two, four, five, or six containers.