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What are the best bathroom cleaning products to use on fiberglass?

Certain cleaners such as scouring powder and steel wool can damage the soft, porous materials of fiberglass bathtub and shower units. Use a non-abrasive cleaner or foam cleaner to kill germs and prevent staining on fiberglass products.

Are there certain bathroom cleaning products that leave more time between cleanings?

To reduce the cleaning you must perform to keep your bathroom fresh, use an automatic shower cleaner. You can place automatic toilet bowl cleaners in the toilet to eliminate bacteria, odors and mold between cleanings. Place automatic spray air fresheners in the room to keep the air free of germs and odors, too.

What are the best bathroom cleaning products to use when you have a septic system?

When you have a septic tank system for your home, avoid cleaners that can build up when washed away. Most bathroom cleaning products are safe for these systems. However, you should always avoid flushing cleaning pads or other cleaners that do not break down or could get into any drinking water ports around the home.