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Body treatments

Most people need more than just soap to keep their skin clean, comfortable and looking its best. This product category includes several different types of products that can address various skin issues and care needs. These products are not prescription strength and, though some are formulated to address certain common skin problems, they don’t require doctor supervision for use. However, those with especially sensitive skin prone to allergic or irritation reactions may want to consult their dermatologists or perform test-patch trials with the product before beginning regular use.

Body treatment product categories

Finding what you need in this section requires some forethought. Consider the typical product offerings in each of our body treatment categories to narrow down the wide range of options within this main section. You can also use the filters on the left side of the page to focus in on the most relevant products for your needs. Addressing a skincare issue may require some exploration into products you haven’t previously considered. For example, shoppers caring for dry skin patches on their elbows and knees may benefit from using an exfoliating scrub in addition to an intensive moisturizer.

Bath soaks: The bath products in this section can address a variety of needs, including simple fun and pampering. We offer a variety of different bubble baths for kids and several different indulgent bath soaks and scents for adults. The bath salts and soaks in this section may also provide all-natural healing care for various medical conditions or body complaints. Epsom salts imbued with essential oils can address aches in your muscles or joints while also providing soothing relief for your mind. Bath soaks that include vitamins and moisturizers can soothe irritated, dry skin and provide lasting moisture that soaking in untreated water wouldn’t provide. As you decide on your ideal bath treatment, click into individual product listings to read descriptions and ingredient lists. While you’re in an individual product page, check out suggestions listed underneath the product information to get additional recommendations for relevant product options to consider. You may be able to easily find a scent or treatment focus you prefer this way.

Scrubs and exfoliators: Exfoliation is an important step in the skincare process, as removing the upper layer of dead skin cells can allow treatments to penetrate further into your skin. The scrubs and exfoliators in this section come in a variety of different formulations, including some manual-use tools designed specifically for use on your feet. Many of the scrubs in this category come in large containers and include natural ingredients such as sugar or sea salt to create a rough-textured cleanser. These typically have moisturizing ingredients such as oils combined with scrubbing components. If you feel that your current cleansing and moisturizing routine isn’t doing enough to banish the feeling and appearance of dead skin on your arms, legs or feet, you should consider using exfoliating products to enhance your current skincare approach.

Foot care: The skin on your feet is tougher and thicker than anywhere else on your body, and regular skincare products and tools may not be enough to truly treat this area. Foot care treatments typically combine several different concerns, such as dryness and odor, but some may address specific issues such as itch or fungus without including other care types. It may be necessary to purchase more than one foot care product to fully address all skincare issues from ankle to toe.

Moisturizers: The moisturizers in this section are particularly focused on intensive healing and repair for a variety of skin issues, including aging skin and conditions such as psoriasis. These moisturizers provide nourishing moisture with additional ingredients designed to address these specific issues, making them a convenient alternative for those who currently use multiple products to moisturize and treat their skin separately. There are some products in this subcategory that provide moisture without specifically addressing other issues. These moisturizers are generally more intensive and incorporate ingredients such as shea or cocoa butter and vitamins or oils to heal extra-dry skin. If regular moisturizers don’t work well, consider upgrading to one of these dryness treatments.

Scar and stretch mark treatments: Scars on the skin, including stretch marks, can be a point of insecurity. The scar treatment products in this section may help alleviate the appearance of scar tissue on your skin through the use of ingredients such as vitamin E. Scar treatments come in different forms and formulas, including creams, ointments and treated bandages. Use spreadable product for scars and stretch marks that cover a wide area of your body and treated bandages for smaller, localized scars.