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Wine Glasses

What are the basic parts of a wine glass?

Tradditonal wine glasses are designed with three key features; the base, the stem and the bowl. The base is the key ingrediant in keeping the wine glass standing, while the stem is the long skinny part that most people hold and is the part of the glass that connects the base to the bowl. The bowl of a wine glass is the part that holds the wine, this a usually tapered to dired the aromas of the wine to your nose.

What are some of the different types of wine glasses?

  • Red Wine Glasses: Red wine glasses usually have large, wide bowls that will allow the flow of oxygen to make contact with the wine, this is called letting the wine "breathe." Cabernet/Merlot glasses have a average-length stem with a wide base and a wide bowl, while a Pinot Noir has a large bow with a rim that is turned out and a short stem.

  • White Wine Glasses: White wine glasses tend to have smaller than bowls on a red wine glass because the wine is lighter, so the aromas are ligher. Chardannay glasses have wide bowls that slightly taper towards the top, while a riseling glass is taller and narrow with a bowl that was deisnged to concentrate on fruity armoas in the upper portion of the bowl.
  • Stemless Wine Glasses: Stemless wine glasses offer the same styles and shapes as traditional stemmed wine glasses but with a modern twist. Althought with stemless wine glassses, wine may warm faster due to the inadvertent heat transfer from your hand. This contempary design provides limited risk of breakage because they are more comfortable to hold on to. offers a variety of wine glasses that are available in different shapes, sizes and quantities that will fit your style and budget.