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Swim Diapers

When the temperature rises and it's time to introduce your baby or toddler to the kiddie pool or sprinkler, swim diapers are essential. These waterproof diapers offer the same protection against leaks as regular diapers, but they're designed to keep out moisture from outside, so they don't get waterlogged like an ordinary diaper would.

Your main decision in choosing waterproof diapers will be between disposable and reusable swim diapers. Many parents prefer disposable swim diapers because they're very convenient, allowing you to simply discard the wet diaper after use. Others prefer reusable swim diapers for their ecological benefits and because they can be more economical in the long run. Some swim classes and public pools require that you use reusable swim diapers, so you may want to check your pool's policy before making a decision.

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