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Car Toys

Keeping babies and toddlers occupied while traveling or taking a stroll through the neighborhood is easy with the large assortment of car and stroller toys to choose from. They are offered in a variety of themes and bright, engaging colors to keep kids occupied and can be moved from car seat to stroller to mobile with ease. When deciding on car toys for kids, consider gender, age range and materials.

Are you interested in kids' activity toys for learning or just for fun? If you want to keep a child busy in the car, you will want to look for something that attaches to a car seat. If your child spends a lot of time in a stroller, a take-along toy that attaches with a ring or suction cup will fill the bill. A soft toy will be ideal for a baby, while a toddler can handle something a little sturdier. The car toys at Walmart showcase everything from bees to monkeys and sea creatures and are made for smaller hands to grasp.

Walmart has car toy accessories made with several different materials that include plastic, wood, aluminum and cloth to suit specific age ranges. You will also find attachments for sippy cups, games and other convenient accessories to make traveling easier and more convenient.

Whether for learning or fun, Walmart's selection of car seat toys gives you plenty of options at our Every Day Low Prices.