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Children's rugs

Children's rugs add pizzazz and warmth underfoot in bedrooms and playrooms, and they're also great for protecting the floor during playtime in other spaces. Available in a wide range of themes and designs, rugs also facilitate play and learning when they feature educational design motifs like maps and math symbols. These tips can help you make your selection:

  • Choose a rug with a rubberized non-slip backing to use on hardwood or tile flooring. Use a rug pad for added stability underneath a design that doesn't feature a non-slip backing.
  • If you're looking for a larger rug that fits under your child's crib or bed, keep in mind that the rug should extend 18 inches beyond the perimeter of the bed on all sides that aren't against a wall. This keeps the proportions looking polished.
  • Polyester rugs are highly durable and easy to clean. They're ideal for play spaces where kids use clay, paints, and other supplies or toys that could stain other natural rug materials.