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Baby Formula

Choosing a baby formula for your child is an important decision. You'll want to consider your needs and those of your baby's caretakers as well as any special dietary needs your baby may have.

Baby formula is available as powder, ready-to-use liquid and liquid concentrate. Baby formula powder has to be measured and mixed with water before bottle feeding. It's a good choice for many families because it has a long shelf life and doesn't require refrigeration, and it tends to be more economical than other options. Ready-to-use liquid formula can be poured directly into a baby bottle, making it very convenient, especially when you have an urgent need for fast preparation. You'll even find liquid formula in pre-filled individual bottles, which you can simply attach a nipple to and use on the go. Liquid concentrate has to be mixed with water but doesn't require the careful handling that powder does.

Some babies have allergies, sensitivities or other dietary issues that require the use of particular types of formula. You'll find formula designed to reduce spit-up or gas and formula for babies who can't tolerate dairy or soy. You'll also find organic formula and kosher formula.

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