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Car ramps

Car ramps are a big help when you want to change your own vehicle oil or place a jack under an extremely low-profile vehicle. Here are some features of popular auto ramps.

Car ramp materials: Light-duty car ramps may be made of plastic polymer, expanded polystyrene foam (EPS), or rubber. Metal car ramps are made of aluminum or steel.

Weight ratings: The GVW or gross vehicle weight rating on a car ramp set indicates that the pair of ramps can hold up to one half of the GVW rating. Always get ramps rated for a higher GVW than your vehicle's GVW. A single-axle rating tells you the pair of ramps will hold the same amount of weight as the rating.

For safety's sake, order chocks to place behind the rear wheels when your car is on ramps. Also use jack stands in combination with the ramps for extra security in case the ramps collapse or slide under your car's weight.