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Tire Spoons and Levers

Whether you're changing a tire on your passenger car, your motorcycle or your kid's bicycle, you'll definitely want to have a tire spoon or lever on hand to make the procedure simpler and quicker.

Tire spoons and levers provide much-needed leverage to get those tires off easily, so you don't have to make a herculean effort to claw them off with your bare hands. Most have durable steel cores to withstand the extra torque, and several models have plastic outers that prevent damage from metal-on-metal contact with your rims and wheels. Several bicycle tire levers are available with double hooks to affix to the spokes and free up a hand while you're removing the tire.

Tire levers are invaluable for mounting and demounting all kinds of tires. If you're changing tires all the time or just looking for a way to simplify the process, consider picking up a set from