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Tire Chains

There's nothing more dreadful than being trapped in your car on a snowy mountain pass with your tires spinning uselessly because you forgot to bring a set of snow chains. Sometimes winter tires aren't enough, and many regions mandate the use of chains, so make sure you're prepared for your next excursion and invest in some tire chains.

Tire chains increase traction while you're driving through snow and ice, and many different kinds of chains are available to suit the tires on your vehicle, whether it's a passenger car, a truck or a snowblower. Most modern chains feature hassle-free installation procedures with self-tightening and self-centering mechanisms, and can be fitted easily and without tools in fewer than five minutes. Tire cables provide the same enhanced traction, but in a more lightweight profile and at a lower price point. They're a great choice for those who make occasional trips to snowy terrain.