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Mini parts

Whether you need to replace a worn-out part or want to improve the look of your BMW Mini with a new accessory, there a few factors to keep in mind while shopping. Check the specifications and decide which parts suits your needs best.

Mats: For the floor, rubber mats provide better protection against all weather conditions, keeping the floor protected from mud, slush, and rain. A design with channels helps to catch water. For added protection and a sporty look, choose performance mats instead. They combine rubber with textile fibers. Protect your car's luggage compartment against accidental spills or dirt when traveling with a fitted luggage compartment mat.

For the windshield: For added safety when driving in rain or snow, your wiper blades need to be perfectly fitted to your Mini's windshield. Choose an original BMW design to benefit from a low noise level when you're driving. In summer, protect the interior of your Mini from UV rays with a BMW sunshade.

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