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275/55 R20 tires

A new set of tires can make your ride smoother and safer. New tires also enhance your vehicle's appearance, and you're less likely to suffer a flat tire when you're far from home.

Tires and weather: Take your local weather into account when picking out your new 275/55R20 tires. All-weather tires are good for areas that get lots of rain and snow. Tires with tread patterns that make more contact with the road are ideal for arid locations where roads are usually dry. Snow tires have special tread that helps clear slush and snow from tire grooves.

Tire speed ratings: Check tire speed ratings when ordering new tires. The speed rating indicates the optimum speed tires can handle over distances. A letter system indicates speed ratings, and the letter is located at the end of the long tire number designation. The further along in the alphabet the number is, the higher the speed rating. For example, a ZR-speed-rated tire with a W rating indicates that a tire can go a maximum of 168 miles per hour.

Consult your owner's manual to learn the recommended tire type and rating for your specific vehicle.