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215/55 R17 tires

Before ordering tires of this size, check to ensure your current tires are the same size. Tires numbered 215/55R17 are intended for 17-inch wheels.

Tire tread types: There are many types of tires, including specialty tires.

  • Touring tires for cars and highway tires for trucks are general, all-purpose tires that handle most road conditions and deliver smooth rides.
  • Summer tires work on wet or dry roads in warm weather. They have more solid tread areas and grooves to prevent hydroplaning.
  • Winter tires are intended for use in cold weather and have deep slices and grooves to expel slush and snow. Some snow tires are studded.
  • All-weather and all-terrain tires work in a variety of weather and road conditions but don't offer the traction of winter tires, mud tires, or off-road tires.
  • Performance and competition tires feature superior road gripping and continuous road contact. Competition tires are not for everyday driving.

Check your owner's manual and state laws to learn the recommended and street legal tires you should use on your car, truck, or SUV.