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225/65 R17 tires

New tires should be the same size as the tires you're replacing. Check your current tire sidewalls or the inside of your driver's side door frame to ensure you're purchasing tires recommended for your class and model of vehicle.

Tire sizing: Size /225/65R17 tires will only fit on wheels with 17-inch rims. If you want to use specialty tires with smaller or larger inner diameters, you need to have new wheels installed to accommodate the smaller or larger tires.

Tire duty types: The letters before the tire numbers tell you the types of tires you plan to purchase. For example, P stands for passenger tires, LT stands for light truck tires, and T stands for temporary tires.

Check the seasonal requirements where you live before ordering tires for cold-weather use. Some areas require you to install snow tires on your vehicle during the winter months.