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Say "I do" to wedding and engagement rings

Deciding to get married is a big step, and it brings a lot of extra choices and questions with it. Walmart wants to make the process as easy and joyous as possible with our gorgeous selection of wedding and rings/3891_540912_1228349'>engagement rings. In this section, you'll find all the jewelry options you need to pop the question in style. We offer classic and modern engagement rings in a range of different style and budget ranges so you can find just the right token of your love to present as you ask the love of your life for his or her hand in marriage. Whether you're a traditional couple or you tend to do things your own way, we have ring styles and budget options to suit your unique needs. From glamorous sparklers to subtle bands, you can get the right ring for the perfect person, all at Every Day Low Prices.

Engagement ring styles

With so many ring styles available, it can feel overwhelming to choose at first. Luckily, once you understand what your options are, it's much easier to make a choice that'll suit your fiancee to be.

Solitaire rings

Solitaire rings are named because they feature a solitary stone. If your intended has a simple, traditional personal style and prefers modest fashion choices, this may be the right option. Solitaire rings are elegant and subtle, and if you're on a limited budget, they can be a nice way of getting a larger stone on your fiancee's finger.

Three-stone rings

As the name implies, three-stone rings have three stones featured rather than just one. All three can be of the same size, shape and color, but often, the central stone is larger, with the two stones on the sides serving as accents. If you want to get a traditional ring with a slight twist, you can opt for a clear center stone with colored side stones. These rings put a little bit more flash on the wearer's finger, making them a great choice for traditional ladies with a little bit of a glamorous side.

Halo rings

The halo setting is a fairly modern development, and it's one of the most glamorous, luxurious settings available. These rings feature a central stone surrounded by a tight border, or "halo," of smaller stones. Halo rings are often round in shape, but you can find square and rectangular halo settings too. These rings have an ornate feel and a lot of sparkle, making them the right choice for a glamorous lady who loves to sparkle.

Bridal sets

No matter what engagement ring style you choose, it's nice to pick out a ring that comes with a matching wedding ring. Bridal sets include both the engagement ring and wedding band, and they're designed to fit together perfectly as a matching set. This results in a more comfortable ring combination that many wearers prefer. Women who have small fingers in particular can benefit from this style because it tends to take up less space on the finger.

Wedding bands

If you'd rather purchase your wedding band separately, we do offer a wide variety of different styles to choose from. We even have some matching styles so both members of the couple can have a coordinated set of rings to wear after saying their vows. Wedding bands can be simple, plain circles of fine metal, or they can have details like engraving, raised textures, inlaid stones or contrasting inlaid material such as ceramic or wood. If you want to go for the traditional look, opt for a plain band. If you want to inject some personality into your wedding band choice, you'll have plenty of options to consider in Walmart's Wedding and Engagement Rings section, including some flashy styles with inlaid stones and those with subtler looks thanks to a contrasting metal or texture.

Promise rings

A promise ring is a way of making a big commitment to the person you love without taking the full step of getting engaged. This ring can be part of a promise that people make to each other or as a step in a relationship with two people who aren't quite ready for marriage but know they want to be together forever. Promise rings can also be a placeholder for a couple who want to get a more expensive engagement ring but don't have the budget for it yet. Walmart offers simple, elegant promise rings that can serve the right purpose for you if you fall into any of the categories described here.

Metal and stone options

No matter what kind of ring you're considering, it's important to understand your options. If you aren't familiar with different kinds of stones and metals, this should help you find your bearings and make the right decision.

Diamond vs. cubic zirconia

These are both clear stones, but cubic zirconia has a different chemical structure than diamonds do. Cubic zirconia isn't as hard or as rare as diamond, making it more affordable. If you want the traditional engagement ring look, these are the two primary stones to consider, although white sapphires and moissanite also make great choices with plenty of sparkle.

Alternative stones

You can also opt for stones like sapphire, ruby, emerald or amethyst for an engagement ring. These colorful stones add unique flair to any ring.

White vs. Yellow gold

White gold has a silvery look, while yellow gold is the traditional gold color. Both are considered strong, high-quality metals, and they're a great choice for both traditional and alternative ring styles. White gold is typically made of a gold-and-zinc alloy that's a bit more durable than yellow gold, particularly yellow gold in the higher-karat ranges of 18k and up.

Alternative metals

Modern engagement rings and wedding bands can also be made from lightweight but durable and affordable materials like tungsten or titanium. While most engagement rings are made from gold, you can find some styles that use more modern metals, especially for simple wedding bands.