Prepare your skin and banish breakouts and blemishes

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Back-to-school skincare prep

Going back to school can keep you busy, but you still need to make time to take care of your skin to look and feel your best. Be prepared with back-to-school skincare essentials like an oil-free acne face cleanser to keep blemishes at bay. Reduce excess oil with products containing salicylic acid.

At the end of each day, take care of your skin in less time by keeping makeup remover wipes on hand for a quick way to cleanse your skin. Choose makeup remover wipes that dissolve waterproof mascara to make your nightly routine even easier.

Use an exfoliator a couple times a week to remove dead skin cells, dirt, and excess oil from pores to prevent breakouts. Face scrubs also help to make your skin look and feel smoother and reduce the appearance of pores.