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Electric fireplaces

When you want to introduce the cozy warmth and visual appeal of an electric fireplace to an area in your home, there's a variety of styles available. There are freestanding or wall-mounted electric fireplaces available to accommodate your decor preferences. You may also want to choose one of these fireplaces based on the size of your room.

If you have some extra floor space, freestanding models add a dramatic effect to the decor and most resemble traditional built-in units. Check dimensions in the product description to make sure the model you choose fits the space you have available. A wall-mounted unit radiates warmth without using your floor space and tends to look more modern.

Measure your room to determine the square footage for another way to choose an electric heater. Then, navigate to the room size section on the left side of the page to bring up the heaters designed to warm a room that has the dimensions you entered.