XTERRA SB2.5r Recumbent Bike

    The XTERRA SB2.5r Recumbent Bike is ideal for all users looking to lose weight, tone up, or stay in shape. It's easy to get in and out, and the densely padded molded foam seat...
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    XTERRA FS3.0 Elliptical

    Now you can enjoy your workouts more-than-ever with the XTERRA FS3.0 Elliptical at your hands, and feet. Boasting a 16-in. stride length, the FS3.0 offers up a healthy non-imp...
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    XTERRA FS1.5 Elliptical

    Enjoy the benefits of total body conditioning in the convenience of your own home! The XTERRA FS1.5 Dual Action Elliptical offers the smoothest motion in a compact design inco...
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    XTERRA ERG400 Rower

  • Provides an efficient low-impact, full-body workout
  • High-RPM 11-lb. flywheel simulates real rowing
  • Monitor displays time, stroke count, distance, calories, strokes per minute,...
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    XTERRA UB2.5 Upright Bike

    Experience the benefits of better health and wellness while enjoying the comfort of riding the XTERRA UB2.5 Upright Bike. The densely padded molded seat, quality 3-piece pedal...
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    XTERRA UB1.5 Upright Bike

    Looking for that safe and effective way to burn calories and get in better shape? TheXTERRA UB1.5 Upright Bike, with its easy to step into design and premium molded multi-adju...
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