Smart TVs Cost Less at Walmart.

Smart TVs feature a popular new type of television technology that integrates the functions of your computer with the broadcasting abilities of your TV. Smart TVs come with integrated Internet and Web 2.0 features, and offer easy access to online interactive media, on-demand streaming media, home networking and internet TV. Walmart carries a terrific selection of the best Smart TVs in all sizes and styles. Before you make your purchase, you should consider which size is right for you.

The size of your Smart TV will determine how well the screen can be viewed, according to where you place it. While a 50" Smart TV might be right for a larger room, a 24" Smart TV could be a better choice for a TV viewed in close proximity. Measure the room where you'll be placing the Smart TV to determine the optimum viewing distance. A small television in a large room may be difficult to see, while a large television in a small room can create awkward viewing angles.

Of course, Walmart carries more televisions than just Smart TVs. We've got LED TVs, Plasma TVs, 3DTVs and 4K Ultra HDTVs, as well as all the TV accessories you need. Walmart is your headquarters for Smart TVs, televisions, television accessories and more. Save money. Live better.