Monterey LG8500 Codling Moth Trap & Lure

  • Use in Apples, Pears, Crabapples, and Walnut trees
  • Contains 2 traps, and 2 lures
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    Monterey Pantry Moth Trap and Lure

    Features: -Traps and lures. -Used both for mass trapping and as a monitoring system. -Pheromone attracts the male insect where he is caught in the trap. -When insects begi...
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    Monterey Herbicide Helper Concentrate Jug

    $17.99 - $18.99
    Features: -Concentrate jug. -Made with oil concentrate. -Spreader / penetrant is used with herbicides to make them work better and faster. -Use with grass getter, nutgrass...
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    Monterey Bi-Carb Old Fashioned Fungicide Bottle

    Features: -Fungicides bottle. -Potassium bicarbonate soluble powder for control of powdery mildew on roses, vegetables, grapes, fruit trees and ornamentals. -Control powder...
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