Micro SD Cards

A micro SD card is a computer device used to transfer and store data from your phone, digital camera or computer.

Before buying a micro SD card, figure out how much memory you need. An hour-long TV show is usually around 300 MB, while an audio file is usually around 1 - 4 MB and a picture may be 1 - 4 MB or less. HD files need more memory than non-HD files.

Another factor to consider is writing speed. Memory writing speed for SD cards is broken down into classes — 2, 4, 6, 10 and 1 — with 1 being the fastest class. The classes roughly correspond to the minimum writing speed in MB/s, so class 2 has a minimum writing speed of 2 MB/s. Class 10 and class 1 both have minimum writing speeds of 10 MB/s, but class 1 generally has a higher maximum writing speed. Maximum writing speeds are listed in terms of the standard writing speed for CD-ROM, 150 KB/s, so a card with a 15X maximum writing speed will have 15*150 KB/s, or 2.25 MB/s. Look for a micro SD card with at least the minimum writing speed you need for your type of file (e.g., 4 MB/s for HD videos) and a high maximum writing speed.

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