Battle of Gettysburg Alabaster Chess Set

    $784.99 - $804.99
      Hand-painted by Italian artisans to look like miniature museum reproductions, the chessmen of the Cambor Games Battle of Gettysburg Alabaster Chess Set perfectly capture the f...
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    Fancy Italian Tournament Chess Set

    $714.99 - $944.99
      A stunning combination of metal and wood creates a unique display during regular or tournament play with the Cambor Games Fancy Italian Tournament Chess Set. The middle of eac...
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    The Kings Treasure Chess Set

      An imposing 5-inch king presides over each side of the Cambor The King's Treasure Chess Set, turning an ordinary game into a regal affair. Crafted from select maple and walnut...
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    Solid Pewter Camelot Chessmen with Elm Root Board

      If your game is legendary, play on nothing less than the Solid Pewter Camelot Chessmen with Elm Root Board. This exquisite set is comprise of gold- and bronze-finished solid p...
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    Elegant Gold, Silver & Wood Chess Set

    $899.99 - $1,099.99
      Beautifully handcrafted by Italian artisans for the utmost in sophistication, the Cambor Games Elegant Gold, Silver, and Wood Chess Set features gorgeous chess pieces that are...
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