Brita Rivera Water Pitcher

      Features: -Most advanced water filtration system reduces 99pct of lead that may be in tap water. -Removes chlorine sediment and other harmful substances for clean great tast...
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    Brita Replacement Pitcher Filter (Set of 3)

      Features: -For healthier, better tasting water. -Reduces chlorine (taste and odor), lead, copper and mercury content. -Replace every 40 gallons (approximately every two mon...
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    Brita On-Tap Replacement Filter

      Features: -On-tap replacement filter. -Reduces impurities and has an added layer to trap sediment. -Reduces lead, Cryptosporidium, Giardia, TTHMs and VOC (substances reduce...
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    Brita Grand Pitcher

      Features: -10 Cup water filtration pitcher. -Reduces chlorine taste and odor, zinc taste, copper, mercury and cadmium and often found in tap water. -1 Filter can replace 30...
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