iPhone 4/4s, Universial Bracket & MiPow Power Tube 3000 Backup Battery Bundle

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About this bundle

The Peripower Sports Car 4-Piece Universal Mounting Kit is compatible with various types of mobile phones and 3C devices, and affords you the convenience of technology even while in the car. The powerful suction cup mount reduces shaking, and increases stability. With the 360-degree swivel tip, you can easily adjust your devices to any desired angle.
The MiPow Power Tube 3000mAh Backup Battery is "Made for iPod" and "Made for iPhone" certified and Tablets. With a built-in Apple 30-pin connector, you can easily charge your iPhone/iPod/Tablets without extra cable. 3000mAh battery capacity gives your iPhone more power (iPhone 3GS added up to 145 percent, iPhone 4 added up to 115 percent). A built-in female USB port ensures its compatibility to most mobile phones and game consoles, simply use the original detachable USB charging cable of your gadgets (phone or game consoles) and it starts providing juice to your gadgets when needed. One micro USB charging cable is included to Peripower Sports Car 4-Piece Universal Mounting Kit:
  • Stable, suction cup patent design
  • Simple release button on the back of the holder
  • 3 different combination suits for driver's preference
  • Model design ideal for sports cars
  • Easily adjust to desired angle with 360-degree swivel tip
  • Technical design ensures safety of your electronic devices while you drive
  • Color: Assorted Colors

  • MiPow Power Tube 3000mAh Backup Battery For Cell Phones, MP3, Tablets:
  • Compact in size for easy transport
  • Built-in Apple connector
  • Luxury metallic casing with durable laser etching logo
  • Charging status indicator with battery level indicator
  • "Made for iPod" and "Made for iPhone" certified
  • Color: Assorted Colors

  • The Peripower Wooden Protection Case for iPhone 4/4S:
  • Made of genuine wood
  • Ultra-thin shell for lightweight protection
  • Average thickness of only 0.9 mm, weighing only 12g