Your Choice of The Singing Machine 4TV Karaoke Player and Receive a Bonus USB Microphone

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About this bundle

Your Choice of Karaoke player and receive a bonus Microphone. The Singing Machine 4TV Karaoke Player:
  • 3 USB ports: 2 for USB microphones and 1 for content
  • USB microphone is compatible with PC or MAC
  • Six buttons located on the Mic to remotely control all of your functions
  • User interface available through your TV allows you to adjust karaoke settings and playlist
  • Karaoke CD Player plays CD+graphics, music CDs, MP3s and introducing MP3+graphics
  • First household karaoke machine to support MP3+G digital karaoke media
  • SMC USB microphone included

How to Use the Karaoke CD Player:

The Singing Machine 4TV connects to your home television through RCA Cables (included). Connect RCA cables and power cord to unit and connect appropriately to TV and power source. From there you can swivel-open the Singing Machine 4TV top to find a CD+G player for your favorite karaoke CD or insert your flash-drive into its designated USB port. The flash-drive is to be used to play your downloaded MP3+G songs, you can download these from our online store, where there are 1000s of song choices. The Singing Machine 4TV microphone controls the on-screen user interface and features. Using the menu button, and up/down, left/right pad you can choose whether you want to use CD+G mode, USB mode or control features from the main menu. In USB mode you can see your playlist and choose songs in any order. On the features list you can control how high your mic volume is, your echo, balance and Auto Voice Control. (**Helpful Hint: Hold the middle button down for a couple of seconds during a song to be re-directed back to the main menu.)