Whitmor Pink Storage Cubes, Set of 4 Value Set

Walmart #: 1YOLL4TRLYZ9

About this bundle

  • Set of 4 Pink Bins
  • Save $4.76 with this value set
  • Whitmor Collapsible 14" Storage Cubes
    Collapsible 14" Pink Storage Cubes, Set of 4:
    • Fashion color fabric
    • Assembles in seconds
    • Great for use in any room in the home
    • Perfect for playroom, bedroom, or closet
    • Dimensions: 14" x 14" x 14"
    • Whitmor collapsible storage cube for easy set up and moving
  • Included in this bundle

    2 included

    Whitmor Set of 2 Collapsible fabric-lined 14-inch Storage Cubes, Pink - 2 included

    4.5 stars ratings
    These fabric lined cubes hold toys and books nicely and collapse and store easily when not in use.