Rated 4.2 out of 5 by 29 reviewers.
Rated 3 out of 5 by Great TV but still Work In Progress Updated review 03/08/2010: Since the review below I would like to add some updates for those interested. One reviewer stated something about "stains/shadows" in the right corners but I could not find any on my unit nor the 4" shadow that from the reviewer's description would run diagonally across the screen. I am looking but nothing. I still rate the picture a 5 and the audio a solid 4 but the remote though is just too difficult to use in the dark or even in low lighting situations. Given VIZIO's design for the remote to replace your other remotes it is not useful as that due to lack of a glow button. The remote is still good but only for part of the day and again the remote still is lacking many dedicated "special" feature buttons. My biggest concern though is the TV "locking up and re-booting" which it seems to do more frequently when I utilized the PIP/POP feature. I have a call in to VIZIO and several e-mails and they are currently researching the issue. I think for the price the TV is a great bargain and while I am no videophile/audiophile I think again for this price range the quality of the audio/video is excellent but they do need to fix certain issues. The re-booting, the missing glow and extra feature buttons on the remote, the side panel toggle switch functions, turning on all the USB ports, and the PIP/POP to better utilize the screen space and fix the audio shutting off from the main screen when you turn off the PIP/POP. The VIA apps rock and really make the TV a joy to use, I hope they add YouTube soon. Like other reviewers, myself included: BE WARY OF THE REVIEWS ON THE VIZIO SITE. The TV itself is great but not as slim as I expected it to be given how much slimmer my one year plus old VIZIO SV470XVT1A" LCD is. Let's start with what is good about the VIZIO 55". The remote is good and basically takes over all your other remotes and the on screen set-up of the unit is relatively straight forward as well.The wired Ethernet connection worked flawlessly but I can not speak to the wireless capabilities as I did not use that feature. The picture for me was much cleaner and brighter than my VIZIO 47" and to me needed no further adjustments. The VIA apps were easy to access, use and more are being added such as PANDORA...added 2 days after I got my TV. One of the main reasons I love VIZIO is the PIP and more specifically the Picture outside Picture (POP)capabilities of their TVs. I believe VIZIO is the only company that provides the POP to their TVs. PLEASE NOTE as of 03/01/2010: My earlier review said the volume level needed to be very high to be heard clearly but I now realize I am "deaf" lol and so to me the sound is now very good.The price for features and quality was very good to excellent and really can not be beat but... This Vizio 55" was really put out before its time as many items are either not working or will be at a supposedly later time or the design layout was weird and needed to be corrected before being sent out. I think VIZIO skimped on the number of non-HDMI connections giving you just one each of Component and A/V inputs, if your like me you have several legacy non-HDMI components. I say skimped because VIZIO seems to be reducing inputs on its TVs compared to models from less than a year ago, the VF551XVT has 2 components and 2 AV inputs per the online manual. Yes the VF552XVT has Ethernet capability and VIA apps but I mean if they want to continue to be a standout from SAMSUNG and other high ends then they need to keep these extras as well. What I think is the real design FLAW: the side panel controls in the manual on page 11 shows a logical layout of the controls but the actual TV itself does not look like that layout but rather: Menu and Channel Up are on the same toggle switch; The Channel Down and Volume Up are on the same toggle switch; and the Volume Down and Input are on the same toggle switch. When I called VIZIO (twice) both times they said the manual picture is generic and applies to many of their TVs and the picture is not an accurate reflection of this model but at the same time did acknowledge that the design of the side controls was non-intuitive. The first time I used Netflix it seemed to lock up my TV and I was unable to turn it off via remote or the side panel off button. I finally unplugged it and called VIZIO who said that the TV can lock up and in the future hold the side power button down for 30 seconds or more, the issue never happened again. UPDATE 03/01/2010: Over the past few days since the NETFLIX LOCKUP the TV will on its own for no reason I can discern "reboot". I will update if it continues but it has happened now about 5 times. I think it may be because of updates to the apps but I am guessing. I have not called VIZIO yet on this batch of reboots but will if it continues. I am very happy with my VIA apps and the new addition of PANDORA but wish the other apps that already have icons were active, I am greedy lol. I should also mention that none of the 3 side USB ports are activated as well but I saw that an earlier reviewer says they are but on my TV they are not. I called VIZIO and they said not at this time. This again is weird as the model before this has one USB port and that is active per the on screen manual. If you look at the on-screen manual for the VF551XVT it indicates in the manual the port is active and even has a corresponding button to use the port on the remote control. No such control is on the VF552XVT remote, in fact... I think the VF552XVT has a good remote and while it does take over many of your other remotes flawlessly, the remote given its size does not have ANY dedicated buttons to call up many of the most used features of the TV. Features such as: changing the TV aspect ratio; changing the PIP size; changing the PIP input source and changing the audio from the Main screen to the PIP input; a mode button to switch between all the pre-set color settings; nor buttons to select the input source. My old VIZIO 47" remote had ALL THESE EXTRA FEATURE BUTTONS AND MORE, some were used a lot and others not so much but always better to HAVE THAN NOT HAVE. TRUST ME FROM PRIOR EXPERIENCE THE ABILITY TO CHANGE THE PIP INPUT SOURCE AND AUDIO AND SIZE IS FANTASTIC AS WELL AS BEING ABLE TO CHANGE THE TV ASPECT RATIO AND MODE. I believe VIZIO either spent too much on the QWERTY keypad or just went giddy adding the QWERTY keypad and forgot how having these special feature buttons on the remote make using the TV much easier. Easier in that use of... The on screen menu is fantastic but calling it up blocks out about a 25% of the left side of the screen from top to bottom which is very disconcerting especially if you are trying to make adjustments to the picture. It would have been more prudent if the menu had to be so large to then have the balance of the screen show the movie/broadcast but in "squashed" form without having that portion of the picture covered by the menu. Further the POP feature shows the two images side by side but with black bars top and bottom which reduces the overall size of the POP images by about 40-60%...no kidding. I mean you have a big screen with all this unused space when you utilized the POP feature. I love the VIZIO TV price point with features but clearly this TV NEEDS the USB ports activated and the side panel issues addressed and many more dedicated buttons on the remote to avoid having to always call up a very distracting on-screen menu. The remote while very good is LACKING A MUCH NEEDED GLOW BUTTON and more separation between the buttons. If you buy the TV you will see what I mean by button separation. Look at the on screen manual for the VF552XVT and look at the remote page (enlarge that page about 300%) and compare it to any remotes you have at home and look at those button separation distance, in the dark you will appreciate those button separation distances especially with no glow button. In addition I think the TV is too thick given these are newer models and should be to me much slimmer. My old VIZIO (47" LCD) is about 3 1/2" at its thickest and 2" at its slimmest while the VF552XVT at its slimmest is over 4" thick and at its thickest about 5". At this time 03/01/2010 I am think of doing more research and maybe getting another LCD brand, SAMSUNG as I like their picture quality but really would like to stay with VIZIO if they can fix the remote issues and USB activation soon. I also hate to give up my POP feature which seems to be unique to VIZIO? I RATE THE OVERALL TV A 3 BUT PICTURE IS A 5 AND SOUND IS A 4. WOULD I CONTINUE TO BUY VIZIO? YES BUT I WOULD TRY TO CHECK OUT THE FEATURES AND REMOTES NEXT TIME AT A STORE BEFORE BUYING SIGHT UNSEEN. I TRIED TO POST THIS REVIEW AT VIZIO WEBSITE 3 SEPARATE TIMES I ALSO SENT AN EMAIL TO THEIR CUSTOMER SUPPORT AND THEY RESPONDED THAT IT IS IN MODERATION. YET OTHER CUSTOMER REVIEWS ARE BEING POSTED DAILY IF THEY ARE GOOD SO PLEASE BE WARY OF THE REVIEWS AT THE VIZIO SITE. VIZIO SEEMS TO ONLY POST RAVING REVIEWS OF THEIR PRODUCTS ON THEIR SITE. I HOPE THIS HELPS THOSE ABOUT TO PURCHASE. IT IS A GOOD TV BUT GIVEN IT IS THEIR CURRENT FLAGSHIP I THINK IT NEEDS TO BE BETTER ACTIVATED AND MORE BUTTONS ON THE REMOTE AND A GLOW BUTTON TOO. I HAVE UPLOADED IMAGES OF THE SIDE PANEL ISSUE,THE PICTURE OUTSIDE OF PICTURE (POP) ISSUE AND THE ON SCREEN MENU. 03/08/2010
Rated 5 out of 5 by Excellent value Setup was easy right out of the box. The software walks you through items that need to be configured. Wireless N works great. Streaming Netflix over wireless has a much better picture than I expected. Once wireless was connected the TV automatically updated itself when I turned it on the second time. My daughter loves the Facebook App. The picture is fantastic. I waited two months for this TV and it was well worth the wait. 03/22/2010
Rated 5 out of 5 by WOW Lets start off by saying this TV has and outstanding picture, (almost liquid in HD). I receive this TV via site to store on 3/13/10. This TV is wall mounted and is connected to a Direct TV Satellite, DVD player, VCR, Stereo surround sound and a Nintendo Wii. The set up was flawless. A couple of issues I have read in previous post had me wondering if I had made a mistake in this purchase, I am so glad I made the purchase. Picture Quality is outstanding, Sound is room filling and even, As far as the appearance of the silver sound bar on the bottom, not an issue I think it adds to the appearance. The internet Apps are really cool (nice feature) The previous post had issues with the side connections, I can confirm with what he said The USB ports are non functioning and the buttons are as stated in photo’s, not a deal breaker in my mind. The only Issues that I can find so far with the TV,is that I am having problems trying to link up my Direct Tv remote to the Vizio Remote, Also you need to have a HD service if you plan on buying this TV, the regular signal Channels are far less superior to a regular tube TV (don’t laugh, some people don’t understand this). Also you may have to fine-tune your picture when you hook up your TV to your own personal preference. Overall I am very pleased with this TV. If you are considering this purchase, buy it, you won’t be disappointed. 03/14/2010
Rated 5 out of 5 by Amazing television I am amazed at the picture quality. Watched Groundhog Day on Blu-ray and was blown away at how real everything looks. I always thought my Toshiba Regza looked good but this Vizio unit is a leap beyond. Really can't say enough good about this Vizio. I would recommend to anyone. The price/performance ratio has got to be unreal. 03/29/2010
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great Buy This is the third big screen TV I have purchased and by far the best. I rate it great in all areas. The wireless internet is great and the pic in pic is also a very nice option for sports nuts. I highly recomend this TV.. 04/25/2010
Rated 5 out of 5 by I Love this TV!! Awesome! Well like allot of the other reviews it was a sinch to setup. Controls my Dish DVR622 reciever, and my paisonic blueray player. The remote is in my oppinion great, no it is not backlit but you shouldnt watch tv in the dark anyway :) The wireless hooked up just as easy on first try to my ATT 2wire router. Love netflix it downloads movies in about a minute. Really taking advantage of the free trial...;) The picture is breathtaking especially blueray! The HD thru the dish reciever is great to, just wish all the channels were in HD, because with this TV the quality is noticable when you go from HD to standard. I upgraded from a 60" philips projection tv. I do not miss the extra 5". The picture is so much prettier then that 60". Plus the philips takes up so much room i'm about ready to give away. I also purchased a TV defender screen protector, i have two young roudy boys. But i must tell you that the space between the speaker and the tv is blocked so the strap from the protector is wraped around the speakers to the back of the tv. So if you get a screen protector you might try one without the straps. It is worth protecting your investment. If you are trying to decide wether or not to get it, GET IT! YOU"LL LOVE IT... The pics does not do the TV justice, the picture is allot nicer in person... 04/21/2010
Rated 1 out of 5 by Vizio VF552XVT I have purchased 5 Vizio TVs so when I wanted an internet ready TV I went with the Vizio VF552XVT after reading excellent reviews online. My experience has been very different. About 2 months after purchasing the TV I began to see red lightning like streaks on top of the dark colors while watching all programs. I contacted Vizio, it took 6 days to satisfy their customer service department, with serial numbers, model numbers, pictures of the TV malfunctioning, being shuffled from person to person. Finally an appointment was set 2 weeks out to repair the TV. When the repairman came he did not want to see what the TV was doing, he was familiar with the problem. After the repairman left the TV reboots itself 2 times and goes through what appears to be a self diagnostic process, every time you turn the TV on. The Vizio factory remote no longer worked, after resetting everything, I got the remote to work in the IR mode but the blue-tooth is not working. Sorry my visual documentation is video, so I do not have jpeg files to post. 06/12/2010
Rated 5 out of 5 by This is my 3rd Vizio TV, I have a 46" in my bedroom, a 32" in my sons bedroom, now this 55" in our living room. I am truely impressed with the quality of these sets for the money. The picture on this TV is really something, I have the HDMI hookup and WOW! Nature shows are sharp as well as sports and the news! I ordered online with no shipping charges, only downside was "curbside" delivery, which meant my husband and sons had to carry it inside. The hook up was simple with the on screen instructions and the connections are easy to get to. I gave a lower star rating on the sound because it varies slightly through show/commercial, I am intuned to that more so then others so it bothers me. The remote is ok, no lighting up on the buttons so hard to see in dark, but my cablebox remote works the TV. Overall I feel I got my moneys worth with this purchase. 07/25/2010
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great TV at a good price This TV is our second, flat, LCD, VIZIO TV although the first one is smaller and purchased elsewhere. This TV has been amazing, right out of the box. I followed all of the instructions on the quick start guide and everything just works. From connecting to our TV supplier and our DVD player right to connecting to our wireless network, everything just works great. The remote controls our cable box and vice-a-versa. The remote connects to the TV via Bluetooth and to the cable box via infrared so a little careful aiming is required to control the cable box. Not being so careful about aiming is a side affect of using the Bluetooth, but it just takes a little thinking to overcome. The TV controls are very straight-forward and the internet apps work well. I like the Yahoo weather and news. We're considering becoming a Netflix subscriber so we can take advantage of that app as well. All-in-all, this has been a wonderful experience and I'd recommend this TV to all my friends and family. 09/10/2010
Rated 4 out of 5 by Wireless less than perfect Bought this TV as a surprise for my husband. Was looking for something that would be a leap or two ahead of coming technology. Price is 200 more in the store. Surprising since this tv was not to be available in store. Have had issues with the wireless feature. Finally gave up and got the ethernet cable and wired it and have not had issues with net flix since. I have nothing but good things to say about the picture. I have been watching older movies and they come alive on this screen. I spent the extra $149 for the extended warranty. Just in case. An illuminated remote would have been the perfect finishing touch. 08/20/2010
Rated 4 out of 5 by Vizio 55" Class 1080p 240Hz SPS Internet-Connect have this shipped to your house. it saved my back and will save yours. this IS a replacement for a 50" plasma. it arrived a day sooner that expected. the shipping company called first to make sure somebody would be at home. first rate delivery, just OUTSTANDING! the sound is good/great on HDMI. i also have an extra system for the really good movies and football. the picture. what can i say. really, it is like looking thru a window. everything, crisp, sharp and just WOW! watched some cop show, hit pause on the dvr, reading the plate was easy and could see that they had covered the reg sticker. when you get this window, you will watch ALL of your old dvd's and such, just to see what you have been missing! only one bad thing. if you go wall mount, get a 10 foot power cord and 12 foot HDMI cable or what ever connection you are using. i already had a 10 foot power cord and such, so no big deal. if this is your first big window and it is going onto the wall. PAY THE EXTRA AND HAVE THEM INSTALL IT! as i said before this is a replacement, to a much lighter window, so no big deal. and yes i call it a window not a tv. BECAUSE IT IS LIKE LOOKING INTO AND/OR THRU A WINDOW! 08/18/2010
Rated 1 out of 5 by A nightmare I picked up my Visio and installed it on my wall. Followed the directions to set it up and it worked perfectly for the first evening, perhaps 3 hours. The next day it did not work. Their tech support out of Utah did everything to try to fix the problem. Thought it was a power supply problem. Advised somebody would call to schedule a repair...within 24 to 48 hours. Got a message from "HD repair" wanting to schedule my repair. I returned their call and gave them my reference number they had left on my answering machine. They could not find me in their system. Thought I was someone in Indiana, I am in North Corolina. Somehow they thought my reference number was transposed in their system, but they could not find me or explain why I got the call.Called Visio to complain. They were lost as well. Couldn't respond until they had a copy of my Walmart receipt. I emailed it to them 3 days earlier but they couldn't locate it or it wasn't posted yet. The product was good for 3 hours. There tech support is great. The customer service department is lost and HD repair is clueless. 08/10/2010
Rated 5 out of 5 by So far so go. 09/25/2010
Rated 2 out of 5 by Quality Construction, Nice Looks Pro's Nice Looks, Well Built, Beautiful Picture. Very nice Features, Menu Funktions Eg Sound Picture Ect. Con's USB Ports not usable (service only). Picture Brightness Uniformity is not even all four corners of the picture are lighter than the rest of the rest of the picture. Why put USB ports on the tv, USB ports are useless on this tv. TV tuner doesn't receive over the air stations very well, poor tuner. No Headphone Jack. A nice working tv, I returned my tv Because of the Cons listed above. If you're are looking for 240Hz TV at a low price, then this is it. 07/07/2010
Rated 1 out of 5 by When it worked it was nice I have had this TV for just under 90 days and last night it broke. It would not read ANY of the HDMI ports or give any sound. The connections all seem to have broken or disconnected from within. When the TV actually worked it was great, picture was awesome. I'm lucky to have had it break within the 90 day return period but you may not get so lucky! AVOID this product. Spend the extra few-hundred dollars for a different brand. 05/05/2010
Rated 5 out of 5 by As advertised Purchased the TV on July 28 "site to store" I picked it up on Aug 2. Purchased wall mount from Walmart, easy to install. Turned it on and programming was easy, internet setup was easy. connected HD converter, Direct TV and home theater system all through HDMI and digital optical sound with no problems. TV picture is great, crisp and bright. Have only had working for about a month but so far it is working as expected and advertised. 10/16/2010
Rated 4 out of 5 by Excellent for the price After much research, we decided on this 240Hz LED/LCD TV. The picture is amazing, better than our 2 year old 47" Vizio. Before buying, we viewed it side by side with Samsung and Sony LEDs which were thinner, but over $1k more. It picked up our wireless immediately and we were able to try all the features. Configuring the remote to work with our SA 8260 cable box was a snap. While the unit's remote works with most of the cable functions, the buttons are small and unlit. Like most LED and LCDs, the sound is average at best. Our old Sony projection was huge and had the space for 8" speakers, tweeters, and built-in subwoofer. We haven't yet hooked it to our Bose sound system. Now we need a Blu Ray player. 09/21/2010
Rated 5 out of 5 by Light and Bright The product was both lighter than expected and met my every expectation, is easily assembled and connectable to computer, DVD's and other accessories. The only concern is that it is very close to the wall; however a flexible bracket should have been recommended and not just a fixed bracket since it is light enough and only 100 lbs total. 09/13/2010
Rated 5 out of 5 by Outstanding Product The Vizio LCD TV exceeded my expectations. It came with integrated WIFI with no extra USB adapter to purchase (other mfg require a $80-$100 USB adapter to obtain Netflics and other streaming video TV programs). The TV was ready to plug-in and operate right out of the box. The operator manual was well written and customizing the TV for my preferences was a snap. 09/11/2010
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great Product & Price My first Vizio got hit by lightning thru the Cox cable line. I upgraded to the LED 240. Love it. All I need to watch football, movies, HD programing and great with a Blu-Ray Player. 08/30/2010
Rated 5 out of 5 by Quality for Less I recently purchased this product for my living room mounted above the fireplace. The installation was easy and it looks great. Although I haven't had time to go through all the features, it is amazing that it has as many features including the wireless internet. I'm sure that I'll have this for years to come. VIZIO makes a good product for the price. 08/05/2010
Rated 5 out of 5 by You can't wrong with this TV I received this TV as an early birthday present. I did a lot of reseach of Lcd/led tvs. I found this one online. I must say that it has exceeded my expectations. The picture quality is great. I looked at other brands of TVs that cost double the price and the picture is just as good if not better than the higher priced models. I have it connected to my 5.1 system. I have only had this tv for a couple of weeks but so for so good. I am impressed with Vizio. I love my gift. 05/29/2010
Rated 4 out of 5 by Jury's Still Out.... This is the 8th Vizio I have purchased (4 for me and 4 for my church.) That means I have liked the brand and believe in the value and quality. I am "skittish" because 1.5 years into my LAST TV's 2 year warranty after lots of calls, a home service, etc. my 47" had to be replaced, so I got a refurb 120hz, which I was very happy with. NOW it was time to go from 47" to 55" and add the Internet Apps, so I bought this one. All is well and I LOVE it....BUT, just two weeks into it, I am beginning to get skittish and watching VERY closely, as, while watching TV (only TV and AV1 input: cable box also) the picture went black on us (1-2 seconds) a few times, and last night the SOUND left for a few seconds. I am HOPING it was the NETWORK, but based on my past experience, I am STILL watching it VERY closely. IF it proves to be the network/service, then I will have found that I have the "dream" TV, as I LOVE everything about it, and would buy it all over again. Let's see! This thing is awesome. I just cannot imagine though, that if THIS one goes out, I could STAY with Vizio...even after having 8 of them.... 05/13/2010
Rated 5 out of 5 by Outstanding Value I looked at LG, Samsung and Vizio TV's. I was amost going to buy a Samsung, for a lot more money, but then I noticed that they did not have tuners built in. I was really tempted by the LG TV's, expecially the true LED LCD's, but then I noticed the Vizio's at Walmart.com. WOW! What a value! The picture is incredible. I noticed no flaws. I like the fact that it updates its programming via wireless internet. I love the concept of yahoo managing the widgets for Vizio. So, as the number of internet options increases, this TV can grow with that reality. It connected to my wireless network in a SNAP! I love the BlueTooth keyboard, and hope they start including other BlueTooth accessories, such as full sized keyboards. I love the number of different inputs. They even thought to give an HDMI connector with separate audio, in case you have a PC to connect via DVI to HDMI converter. This TV even makes my old VCR tapes look spectacular. 05/01/2010
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great easiest setup i've ever had. and it connected to the net wirelessly, i only had to enter my password for the router. Not just great for the price but the best pix i have seen ever. and i've been around since the old 10' b/w rca days! and of course you can't beat walmart for service and price. 04/18/2010
Rated 5 out of 5 by Awesome The picture quality of this TV is fantastic. The tv's audio system isn't really up to par, but i have it all connected to a AV receiver that does all of the audio handling. The only issue that i have with the tv is that its really thick. (Not really a big deal since its on the wall). But Vizio could make the tv alot thinner, it seems that the case is almost completely empty and there is tons of space in it. 04/13/2010
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