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Rated 2 out of 5 by 33 reviewers.
Rated 2 out of 5 by Manufactured Failure So I got this phone from Straight Talk's website about less than a month ago, when it came in, I was so excited to have it. I started using it and it was very well ordered and the porting process did not take long. After about 4 days, for some reason the phone did not want to access the mobile network or send texts, or make calls. I had plenty of service days left so I thought it was strange. After contacting straight talk, they said to reset the phone which I did...twice; and also to remove the battery and clean the SIM which I also did twice. After that still didn't make the situation better, I sent it back and got a new one. Now after having this one for a week, it is doing the same thing all over again. My friend says that it happened to him and to just wait it out but I can't see myself waiting another 2 weeks to see if the kinks will work itself out. Overall, the phone is good as a working phone and with using apps. I love the internal storage because I am quite an app user. The display is great, the sound is kinda an either/or thing but the device clearly has a manufacturing problem and I think that they all need to be recalled. Bottom line: Don't buy this phone or just buy at your own risk. 12/28/2013
Rated 3 out of 5 by Three strikes and you're... in? I'm not going to go in to the specs and features on this phone because you can find those on the Straight Talk web site. Extra things not mentioned: It uses AT&T network. Fits the hand well and feels well built. Attractive case with metallic looking side trim. The screen is plastic - not glass. Many accessories now available on Ebay and elsewhere but Walmart will probably not carry them due to limited sales. Extra batteries available NOW same places. The ZTE Majesty and Solar use the same battery. This phone is getting a reputation for being unreliable but I believe this is undeserved. The reason seems to be that this is a GSM phone with a MICRO SIM card and most Solar buyers are upgrading from lower end phones. Straight Talk seems to be having a problem migrating accounts from previous SIM's to these new MICRO SIM's which causes AT&T to keep shutting off connections. Your phone might work fine for a day or a week before suddenly "mysteriously" losing service. It looks like as long as you're starting up a new account and phone number, everything is reliable. I went through three phones and many,many hours talking to various Straight Talk support people before getting the problems ironed out. If it hadn't been for the pain of having no working phone for nearly a month and then having to switch over to a new phone number, I'd give the ratings 4/5 stars but Straight Talk's service is really crippling this one. 01/09/2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Good phone -- I like it, a lot! I have had my ZTE Solar for ~2 months now. Pros -- Its a dual processor that runs my apps very quickly. I Geocache and it has been great for finding Geocaches on the go. GPS pulls in the sats very quickly, quicker than my GPSr most times. Sensors in phone work great (look up f-droid SatStat) It runs my audio books and does all the other things I need it to quickly. My sister commented on how quick it was compared to hers. I also wanted GSM instead of the CDMA network, goodbye deadspotsin my area! Cons --The only problems I have had is twice it dropped my Bluetooth and once I had to take the battery out/restart it for the 3G to pickup. Battery life is hard for me to judge because I run any electronic device hard and I leave it plugged up alot. (10 + hrs a day). *** I did some reseach before I bought it, I had to order it, my walmart doesnt stock it. I knew the battery life would be shorter but it hasnt been a problem for me. For me its a 5.*** 01/19/2014
Rated 1 out of 5 by Um, no I got this phone on Black Friday. I ordered it from Straight Talk's website and got it the following Monday. I was super excited because it was a major upgrade from the phone I currently had. It was working great! It was fast and had tons of space for apps. That Friday, I went to a location that didn't have great reception. I would get a text and then wouldn't be able to send one back. When I left the area and had better reception, the phone still wouldn't let me send any messages or call out. I tried turning the phone off and on. Battery life went down VERY quickly when I did this and the phone got VERY hot. I had turned it off twice and then it wouldn't come back on, even if I charged it. I sent it back and got another one like 2 weeks later. It was working fine. I thought everything was fixed. Thought maybe it was just that one phone. I haven't even had the newer one for a month and guess what. It's messed up too. Where I work, the reception isn't great, but I get service. I went to lunch one day and was trying to make a call, and the phone just restarted on me. When it came back on, it said I had no service. I waited a couple hours and the service came back on. It's been about 5 or 6 days, and the phone continues to say I have no service. It goes in and out. I have tried resetting to factory settings to no avail. The WiFi works on it with no problem. I don't know if it's a software or hardware issue, but I know it's a manufacturers defect. I wouldn't advise anyone to get this phone until ZTE can fix their product. 01/18/2014
Rated 2 out of 5 by FAIR I just got this re-branded Tracfone. It says it right when it boots up. After getting it up and running you can update to android 4.1.2. My battery indication says about 8hrs when fully charged (that is with WiFi and GPS on, screen on Auto Brightness, blue tooth off). Like all Straight talk plans, this is 3G only, and if you read your fine print, you'll see that after either 2.5GB or 3.5GB of use each billing cycle, you'll get throttled down to 2G speeds. It has a rear facing camera with LED flash, but no front facing camera. And a flashing status LED (ie red, yellow, green depending on your batter status, signal strength etc) that you can select off in the menus. Pros: -- Compared to the other off the shelf Straight Talk phones, It runs faster, and is just fast enough (1Khz processor?). That said it isn't a speed demon compared to other android phones in its size... nor is it super slow (there is a -little- lag between selecting some apps and them opening up, or clicking a text line and the key board opening up). -- Compared to the other off the shelf Straight Talk phones, it has a better screen. Neutrals: -- Audio level with head phones is 'just good' enough at max volume. I understand many android phones have this issue. -- Its straight talk... porting your number can take days. They couldn't port mine as I was traveling and didn't know my acount number from my previous vendor... so I had to activate with a new number until I got home. Then when I got home I had to call their tech services to port over (hard to get a person to talk to on the line, and once you do, you are talking to someone in the Philippines). The lady spoke OK English and was very nice, but she killed the SIM in the phone and said I had to wait 3-5 days for a new one to come in the mail with my ported number. So I was with out a phone for that time... :( Cons: -- I can't seem to find a case, or screen protector for it. That worries me; I'm hard on phones. -- The back, home and menu buttons are fixed to the case (not on the screen like other android devices I've used), so when using it in landscape you have to remember where that back button is (is it on the right or left... hmm which way did I rotate this)... that is a bit annoying seeing my Nexus 7 has them in the screen and thus they rotate to the bottom. -- No front camera.... so Skyping is awkward.. you need a mirror or something as you cant see the other person and show them yourself at the same time without one. -- Maybe its me, but the 'calendar' app wont' sync up to my Google calendar that I've kept on my PC and my Nexus 7. Summary: I only bought this phone because i was in a jam, needed a phone right then (lost my trusty old flip fone in the woods), and 'hoped' I'd get a decent phone for not a lot of money. And over all its not that bad, but I've come to expect more from Android devices (like fully syncing up with Google). For not a lot more money one can get a used unlocked phone from internet sales places, and then buy a straight talk SIM and end up with the same affordable service but with a better phone. I wish I wasn't in a pinch because now I'm stuck with this phone, and waiting for a new SIM. :( 11/24/2013
Rated 1 out of 5 by Useless Phone I thought this ZTE Solar phone was too good to be true. I had ordered it off the Straight Talk website during "Black Friday" where I was able to used a $50 off coupon. It was an excellent phone with great features and it only cost me $129.97. If I could rate the phone itself, I would give it five stars. Unfortunately, I went out of town over the Christmas holiday and when I returned home, the phone had little to no reception. None of my calls or texts would go through and I couldn't use my internet browser. I couldn't receive calls or texts from others either. The phone was just useless. The only area where it would sometimes have service was at my home, but once I left my neighborhood, the phone would go back to poor reception. I lived with this problem for about two weeks hoping it would go back to normal, but it never did. I had spoken to several Straight Talk representatives, but nobody had a resolution for this problem. Eventually, I had contacted a rep who explained to me that the phone uses AT&T towers and when I had traveled outside of my zip code, I had caused my service to go into "roaming" mode where I'm unable to receive reception upon returning to my area. This is very common to happen in ZTE Solar phones. Every time I go out of town and come back, my phone isn't going to receive no reception and there's nothing Straight Talk can do about it... I demanded a refund!!!! I would advise no one to purchase this phone if they plan on using it outside their zip code. 01/08/2014
Rated 1 out of 5 by I do not recommend this cell phone. After powering off and turning off all day to reset, finally called customer support. She could call in from straight talk customer service, no one else could. It would go to voice mail. You could not call out on it. This phone goes back to Walmart today. The straight talk customer support people are great. My husband is a minister, and is on the phone a lot with people needing prayer, and could not go without a phone for a few days. Christmas eve nite, straight talk over the phone activated his old flip phone. 12/28/2013
Rated 1 out of 5 by Horrible phone! I bought this phone to months ago. It was amazing, for roughly six days. I called Straight Talk (who by the way is horrible with their customer service skills) and they sent me a replacement. I was sweet, they guaranteed this one would work. After TWO days, it started doing the same thing. It will NOT connect to the Mobile Network, and you cannot send text messages. Do yourself a favor and DO NOT waste your money on this horrible useless paperweight! 05/29/2014
Rated 1 out of 5 by Horrible Phone!!! I absolutely loved this phone the first week...then my pictures would disappear...they would come back if i turned phone off and reset so I decided I could live with that...the second week it randomly wouldnt call out or receive texts...for hours at a time..I called straighttalk 4 times one day...each time they would have me take battery out and turn back on..make a test call wich worked but then within 5 min I couldnt make calls yet again....had one straighttalk employee tell me I didnt have enough bars to call out! Yet i was in same place and have had straighttalk service for many years and never had these problems..when I returned the phone to walmart the sales associate said that half of the zte solar phones they sold came back....I loooved the phone....if only it worked...will never buy zte again...last zte phone didnt last long either 03/15/2014
Rated 2 out of 5 by Having Similar issues to Most People Just like many of the reviewers here, i am having issues with the network connection. My friend initially bought the cell to use straight talk's service and he couldn't stand that the signal was spotty, i offered to take it from him but it is doing the same thing to me. It will show bars for signal but say that there is no network connection, texts arrive late often and I have to constantly restart the cell to get it to let me text or call back. Other than theses issues it is a pretty phone with good app features, If it would just work it would be absolutely ideal for me, but it doesn't. It is frustrating and although numerous calls have been made to customer service about the phone itself, none of the representatives are actually helpful. They claim it must be the sim card, or some other issue, when after putting 2 different cards in it is still having the same problems. This phone clearly has some sort of programming or manufacture default. 03/22/2014
Rated 4 out of 5 by Good phone First thing I only recommend this phone if you have a certain budget and need a GSM/SGH and all I can really say is so far so good! When I bought mine there was only 1 review on here and I have noticed they all seem to be about a malfunction. I purchased this phone the day after christmas and it has done everything I want it to do. If anything does happen with it I will update. 01/09/2014
Rated 1 out of 5 by Horrible phone, horrible service Bought this phone back in early November of 2013. It stopped working in late november, sent it back to straighttalk, received a new one, it stopped working in late January. Sent it back. Took EIGHT WEEKS to get a refurbished one which stopped working yesterday (and during that eight weeks I spent countless hours on the phone with straighttalk trying to ascertain the problem with delivery). Spent one hour fifteen minutes on the phone with straighttalk last night. turn the phone off, turn the phone on, take out the battery, can we put you hold, on and on. Finally I was told that the problem (mobile network not available issues, no bars, full bars, no bars, full bars, back and forth stuff like that) was a problem with the phone and we would need to call back in 24 hours. Well, I am done with this phone. Wish my husband had waited to purchase this phone til some reviews had been published. It is a beautiful phone-great screen. But even the wifi stopped working yesterday. So I CHecked out reviews for some other phones on another network--actually the service I use (this ZTE phone was my husband's), and have already sucked it up and spent the money to switch. 06/04/2014
Rated 1 out of 5 by good phone but..... phone turned off and would not come back on within the first week. exchanged it for another will update later..... 12/06/2013
Rated 1 out of 5 by DON'T BUY THIS PHONE! I got this at Christmas and it worked for the first few weeks and after then the service would go in and out. I will be texting and will run out of service for like 30 minutes and not be able to send or receive. The same problem with phone calls! It's very inconvenient. I would give it no stars if it was possible. Don't buy this phone ever. 02/23/2014
Rated 4 out of 5 by First Android Phone Works Great. This is my first android phone and it turned out to be much better than I expected. No glitches or anything. The camera has great quality and it comes with a flash. There are a couple of drawbacks though.. the battery doesn't hold it's life too well and drains very very fast. Also the SD card doesn't hold much memory so you will want to buy one as soon as you buy the phone. Other than that, it's a really nice phone for the price. 02/28/2014
Rated 3 out of 5 by So far so good! I am not good at change, but this phone has been amazing for having all I needed. I ordered online through a Walmart rep at store. The first phone I received through the mail quit after 7 days just shut down. Nothing. Walmart replaced it promptly with same product they now had in stock at the store. Called within an hour of phone being shut down to straight talk, Phone rep was telling me he couldn't find my information, because the phone was off. It was off because of straight talk phone shutting down. I asked for a manager who never came on the phone. But I was put back on line about 15 minutes later. and the phone is still working very well. I believe the rep was new and just didn't know where to find the information. I have had this new phone not quite 7 days and all seems well. Service great. Thank You. When I travel to other time zones I am hoping for good service. I have family in Louisiana and Tennessee and Indiana. 08/03/2014
Rated 1 out of 5 by WORST PHONE EVER Bought two on 12/18/2013 and as of today iam still fight with straighttalk for one that works have had to take both phone back within the first new ones and within a week i am send them backt to straighttalk for replacement again so 5 phones later still dont have one that works...SO DONT BUT THIS PHONE................................. 01/29/2014
Rated 1 out of 5 by CHEAP NOT INEXPENSIVE...LIKE STRAIGHT TALK SERVICE I have had this phone for several months. When I first got it the battery it would not stay charged over 4 hours. Gotten better the longer I have it. As others say, it sometimes shows signal but one cannot call out or receive calls. Restart usually works but very, very inconvenient. The worst thing about this phone is the carrier it represents (Straight Talk). When this or any phone goes out the process to recoup ones cost sounds good via their so called EZ exchange program. It takes approximately 2 weeks to get an exchange and you must return your old phone first. Then the phone is 50% of your original purchase price. It appears they send the cheapest ones they need to get rid of not equal value. Then the EZ program will charge your credit card the next year without your permission and to get a refund one must write them a letter. For the above reasons I have decided to go back to T-Mobile. Actually they have a much better deal than ST. Beginners a great $40 plan that allows 500MB data and unlimited other. $50 gets much more and this is all 4G not 3G. If these were not sufficient the rudeness & bad English, of the customer service representatives be enough to make me change. Come on folks change with me. It's a better deal and outstanding customer service and no contract. Good-bye ST....Hello T-M. 06/06/2014
Rated 1 out of 5 by Great phone for a week I'm on my third ZTE Solar in a month. The device randomly becomes defective for no reason. Factory Resets do not correct the problems. To be fair, I can't entirely blame the problems on the hardware. As the device is only meant for Straight Talk, the problems could very well be with Straight Talk. 0 for 3 in a month doesn't earn any rating above Poor. 03/27/2014
Rated 1 out of 5 by great screen other than the screen this isn't a good phone. I wouldn't recommend this phone to anyone. in less than 24 hours my phone blacked out and wouldn't come back on. I plugged it up thinking it was the battery and it still wouldn't come on. the battery life is horrible I used it once and it went from 100% to 85%. this phone should be taken off the shelves. 03/16/2014
Rated 4 out of 5 by Good Phone 2 weeks into owning it. I have owned the phone two weeks and it works great, good signal, great WiFi reception, battery life is good, but only lasts a day and a half with normal use. overall a good phone so far. 02/06/2014
Rated 3 out of 5 by good phone when service is available Phone is nice, but trying to find a straight talk service plan the works in our area is a nightmare. I am on my 3rd phone and it is like pulling hair trying to find a SIM card for this area in WV 02/08/2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by great camera great phone 4 the price keeps a charge 4 a long time 02/01/2014
Rated 1 out of 5 by truly don't waste your time with this phone horrible phone not worth your time. The speaker sound was awful even in regular mode or on speaker mode it was awful. The screen size was the only good thing about this phone. The dual processor was good. I would never recommend this phone to anyone at all especially my friends, I would get this phone to my enemies just so they would be more upset with me. This was the worst phone ever I can't emphasize how much does a true statement. The only thing good about this phone was the screen size and dual processor that's it... Never recommend to anybody it's a piece of junk.I read it as a negative 100 02/11/2014
Rated 4 out of 5 by Gift this was a gift for someone that is really enjoying it. thank you walmart 08/20/2014
Rated 1 out of 5 by Great fix for a wobbly table. My Samsung was covered under Walmart's protection plan and it stopped working. They sent this piece of garbage in its place for some reason. I waited forever to get it and was going out of town so had to keep it. Its slow and the speaker is pathetically weak. It seems to have ok battery life and camera. I would say if you had a wobbly table you could put this under the leg and only then it would be useful for something. Thanks Walmart! 07/16/2014
Rated 1 out of 5 by Phone is horrible. I bought this phone a few months back, it worked great for about a month, the only problem I had was with the internal storage. Once that problem was fixed, it was great. Then it suddenly started to lose connection and search for signal on a regular basis. I can't send/receive calls or text. The phone won't connect to mobile data either. I end up having to reset the phone 5+ times before I can even send ONE message and then it's messing up again. I have tried taking the battery out, leaving it off, letting it fully charge, resetting it, etc. Nothing has helped me and I'm really not satisfied. Do yourself a favor and don't get this phone. 06/13/2014
Rated 1 out of 5 by bad product I bought this phone and it worked for about two months, then just quit had it replaced and the new phone only lasted three days bad bad product 04/26/2014
Rated 1 out of 5 by DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE!! WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY!! Phone worked good for 2 days. After that it wouldn't keep a signal. Missed several calls, couldn't send or recieve texts. Tech support said it was a problem with AT&T signal, My wife has a different phone through same company, she has no problem. Do yourself a favor and buy something else. 03/23/2014
Rated 1 out of 5 by Not a good phone I ordered this phone online. I received it on a Thursday it stopped working Friday. I did not get a chance to enjoy the phone. I'm still waiting on my replacement, its been 10 days. 03/18/2014
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