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Spalding 48" Poly Combo Backboard with Converter and NBA Supertack Basketball Bundle

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About this bundle

With an exclusive composite material cover, the Spalding Basketball Backboard with Converter and NBA Supertack Basketball Bundle offers basketball players exceptional grip and feel. Play just like the pros do in your own yard with this basketball backboard. The 48" Basketball Backboard comes with a clear board that gives it the look of a pro-style backboard. It even sports the NBA logo in the corner. The Spalding Basketball Backboard and NBA Supertack Basketball Bundle offers a structural steel frame and backboard pad for added protection against injuries. The bundle also includes an official size basketball. This product is suitable for outdoor or indoor competitive play. Whether you want to practice solo or play a game against friends, the backboard can be height-adjusted. It is designed for those who are 12 years of age and older. With both a backboard and ball included in this bundle, all you need to do is mount it and play.

Basketball Backboard and Rim Combo:
  • 48" rectangle polycarbonite backboard
  • Poly combo outdoor basketball backboard featuring a Slam Jam Rim

Basketball System Converter:
  • Provides 3' offset from pole/wall
  • 3' height adjustment range, 6" increments
  • Fits backboards up to 52"

Spalding NBA Supertack Basketball:
  • Official size basketball
  • Ideal for indoor or outdoor competitive play
  • Composite leather cover
  • Wide channel design
  • Designed for males 12 years of age and older
  • 29.5"

Included in this bundle

Spalding 48" Polycarbonite Basketball Backboard and Rim Combo

4.5 stars ratings
Play a fun game of hoops, pig or horse with friends or by yourself with this Spalding Basketball Backboard. It can be used on most compatible portable and in-ground poles. This basketball backboard and rim combo can also be mounted to a flat surface, eave or rooftop. The hardware varies by application and is not included. This 48" basketball backboard includes a Slam Jam rim for your own spectacular breakaways and dunks.

Spalding NBA SUPER TACK Basketball, Official Size 29.5"

4.5 stars ratings
Treat the sports fan in your life to endless hours of fun and interactive play with the Spalding NBA Super Tack Basketball (Official Size 29.5"). Made with composite leather material, it resists excessive wear-and-tear even with regular, everyday use. This Spalding NBA basketball features a classic wide channel design that offers users an exceptional grip for enhanced confidence during shooting, passing and dribbling maneuvers. Additionally, it provides a high degree of symmetry and bounce on nearly any playing surface, including blacktop, concrete or traditional hardwood courts. Ideal for casual or competitive use in indoor or outdoor environments alike, the composite leather basketball is a good choice for beginners and seasoned players ages 12 and older. Featuring the official NBA logo, it offers inspiration and encourages enthusiasts to take the time to strengthen their playing skills.