Similac - SimplySmart 8 oz Bottle & On-the-Go Powder Cap Bundle, BPA-Free

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About this bundle

Reduce fussiness and gas with the Similac SimplySmart Bottle and On-the-Go Powder Cap Bundle. It includes a BPA-free 8-oz. bottle and a powder cap, one level 1 nipple, SmartClose and EasyMix. SmartClose is designed to lock out leaks, and the nipple is naturally shaped for those who alternate between the bottle and the breast. EasyMix reduces bubbles and has a wide opening for less mess. The On the Go powder cap holds enough formula for one feeding, making it easy for travel and when you are on the go. It can also be used to replace the standard cap.
Similac SimplySmart 8-oz. Bottle, BPA-Free:
  • Bisphenol-A free, plastic bottle
  • The BPA-free baby bottle includes 1 level 1 nipple, SmartClose and EasyMix
  • SmartClose locks out leaks
  • Natural shaped nipple is designed for feeding between the breast and bottle
  • EasyMix is designed to reduce bubbles
  • Wide opening for less mess
  • A variety of nipples are available to fit your baby's feeding needs
  • Includes 1 8 oz baby bottle
Similac SimplySmart On-the-Go Powder Cap, BPA-Free:

  • Works exclusively with the Similac SimplySmart bottle system
  • Can be used to replace the standard cap for moms on the go
  • Holds enough powder formula for 1 feeding

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