Rated 4.4 out of 5 by 880 reviewers.
Rated 4 out of 5 by An excellent value for the price. Based on another review and the photos, I did not expect this armoire to be cinnamon/cherry as suggested in the name, and it wasn't - so I wasn't disappointed. It's a dark brown, probably more aptly called espresso. The back IS black paper/cardboard type material, however, for the price, I expected something had to be low-end. Luckily, it wasn't the shelving, doors, or anything visible (provided the back is against a wall). The remainder of the shelf seems to be pretty decent quality (the finish was a nice even satin, and looked like it cost much more than I paid). I did not have any cosmetic flaws typical with this type of product. I felt it was really well packed, with the edges extra padded. Only one screw was bad (no threads on it), which was easily replaced. It took my husband and I over 2 hours to put this together, but partly because the the pieces are very heavy (the package was over 120 pounds !!). I suggest an electric screwdriver to speed up the process, and you'll also need a hammer. You'll succeed much more easily with 2 people assembling, particularly in hammering on the back (one to line up and hold in place, while the other hammers the nails in - dozens of them). After seeing it, my father suggested a heavier piece of plywood, stained to match, to cover the back. He said that would add stability, particulary if the item is moved around. However, as it is, it seems like it will work out well for me. However, I will likely take his suggestion, since I'd like it to last. There are a few shelves that you can set to your preferred height with rubber-coated metal pegs (strength AND protecion, nice !). I found there to be adequate space for a 17" monitor (not much room left over though), a printer, the tower, 2 speakers, an external drive, a stack of paperwork/notepads, and then there was a large empty cubby at the bottom that I assume I will keep printer paper, etc. in. The armoire is not tall (the height is mentioned in the dimensions, so I was aware), but it was wider than I expected, which I liked. I thought the lack of height would make it feel really small, but the width made up for it, making it feel more substantial. One word of warning. The doors do fold all the way open and back against the sides (wonderful !!). I suggest you ALWAYS do this. When you pull the keyboard tray out, it will gouge the doors if they are not at least half-way open (lesson learned !). If you have a lot of cords with your computer (printer, speakers, etc. etc.), you'll likely prefer this in a corner. Because you'll need to have the desk pulled out a good 3-4" from the wall to accomodate the cords, the not-so-nice back is more exposed. Choosing a location that minimized back exposure will make this piece more more enjoyable. 03/15/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by The best thing I have ever bought to save space! We had a new roommate move in to our computer room. We thought she'd be able to have enough room with our computer desk in there. Will there wasn't. I found this Armoire on Walmarts site and thought that would work great in our dining room. It is awesome! When not in use it just looks like a part of the room and when we are using it, we are not in the way of the anyone in the dining. Best piece of furniture I have purchased in years. Wished I would have found it sooner. I put it together in two hours (mainly by myself) and it was pretty easy to do. it is very heavy so have two people to help you move it but once all put together it is pretty easy to move around. Again, I highly recommend this for anyone. All my small business files and paperwork fit nicely inside. :) 03/15/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by great value I bought this to lock away our computer and misc office supplies from our two year old twins and it was the perfect solution. Looks great too! I just put a child safety lock on the outside handles. There was a scratch on the inside of the armoire, but you can't see it now that it's assembled. No big deal. I think everyone that has small children and wants to keep thie office hidden and safe should get one of these, love it! 03/05/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great piece for the price Desk armoire turned dog cabinet for my Dane Room - this thing is PERFECT! Other storage cabinets I researched that didn't look this good were over $300, and were smaller in size. This was very, very easy to put together, and it looks great. The doors are a bit flemsy, but the value couldn't be better for the price I paid. The hardware is pretty good, too, not cheap plastic parts. I would definitely recommend this product, and would purchase this again. 04/07/2011
Rated 4 out of 5 by Great piece for the price! I purchased this piece to hide my husband's computer in our small home office. It served its purpose very well for regular "home" use. It is a very functional piece and I love that I didn't have to figure out cord management...it all just tucked into or behind the piece. I did not find it as fitting for when I tried moving my home office into it for full-time work-from-home use. See "Things to Consider" below. I would have rated "Meets Expectations" and "Appearance" one mark higher but the print on the laminate for the one I received had some defects...almost like the ink skipped printing some of the wood grain pattern. It was not very noticeable in the corner of my room though. THINGS TO CONSIDER - Will you need desktop space? This piece is better utilized for regular "family" uses--online shopping, light bills, surfing the web, video games, etc. I would not recommend it for someone who needs a full work station. I work from home and quickly realized the desk space does not suffice if you need to pull out multiple documents, fan out spreadsheets, or other presentations. - Will you have space on both sides to fold doors back? The doors fold all the way back, so consider whether you plan on placing items to either side of the piece, or if you plan on putting the unit in a corner, where one door will only open as far as the wall allows. Ours was in a corner and it worked well. - Consider a desk lamp. I recommend a clip-on light affixed to one of the shelves if there will be prolonged use of the computer. I found that after several hours of looking at a flat screen monitor recessed into a dark background that it tired my eyes. - Measure your space. This is a compact unit and once assembled is shorter than you might have expected. I personally like that because I could display things above it and it was in a very small room. Enjoy! 06/29/2011
Rated 4 out of 5 by Just the size I wanted... My rating has nothing to do with the quality of this armoire, but more with the features. Back in November - 2010, I was looking for a computer desk that would be smaller than what we had and saw this online. I liked the idea of being able to close the doors so my very small living room didn't look like an office. I was very pleased with the outcome. It is a very sturdy little desk. We went from taking up almost an entire wall with a desk, to a small compact attractive piece of furniture. And a big plus - the price was right! However, there are two minor details that may not bother some people, but depending on what you are wanting, here's the little problems. If you intend to do any writing (such as research papers, so forth) while using the keyboard, there is not much space to work with. I end up having to push the computer screen as far back as it can go and writing in front of it. I have gotten used to it and it isn't much of a problem since the majority of stuff is actually done on the keyboard. The other issue is with the printer. The printer sits on a shelf right below the computer screen and with the type of printer we have, we cannot copy, fax, or scan without pulling the printer completely off the shelf and sitting it on the floor, which is an inconvenience. All in all though, I still like my compact computer armoire. I even have people who come over comment on how cute it is. 05/30/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by Absolutely love my armoire! Received the Computer Armoire according to shipped date. All pieces were included no scratches nor dents. Prior to the armoire I had a corner computer desk, but I wanted to create an intimate environment for our living room when company had come over versus looking at a computer desk. The armoire was what I expected created the looked matched existing furniture perfectly. No complaints. Husband assembled in no time. 12/15/2013
Rated 4 out of 5 by cute LITTLE armoire Everybody was correct in saying this armoire is pretty small. I was even scared that my computer tower would not fit side by side with my fax/printer/scanner combo. Luckily everything fits beautifully and I even have room under the printer for one of those little canvas square popup cubes to store computer paper and blank cds. I put a large framed photo on top of it and that seems to give it more height. The problem was that we have a large 23" screen and it would not have fit in there if I had also put in the shelves. Without putting the side and top shelves however, I had plenty of room. One more thing... We got the cinnamon cherry color and it is Way dark. Its more like a dark espresso..oh well, I still like it. 08/22/2011
Rated 4 out of 5 by very practical This armoire is great but the color is not the same as on the picture. I expected to get the cherry color instead I got a black/brown armoire. Who ever thought that was cherry must be color blind. I would recommend this product but I would stress to be careful when picking out the color. It took my husband and I about 3hours to put it together. Overall it was a good buy for the price exept for the color. 02/26/2011
Rated 4 out of 5 by Beautiful piece of furniture I purchased this armorie as an everyday computer desk and it has been just that. This was a perfect buy and Im extremely happy with my choice. My sister and I put this together in about 2-3 hrs. Instructions are not the best, but it is beautiful when completed. I must say my only dislike is that the printer can not be serviced in the spot appointed for it and has to constantly be taken out to load paper and ink. It also does not allow the paper in the printer to sit upright. 06/14/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by Love it, Love it, Love it For the money, this is a great product. The color is a little darker then I expected but it still works for my decor. It took about 2 hours to put together (one woman team) and an hour to disconnect and reconnect my computer equipment. All I needed was an electric screw driver and a hammer. I did miss calculate the placement of a nail and damamged the furniture a little. also, make sure you screw the hinges on correctly. you will know if you made a mistake when the cabinet doors dont meet at the center. You will need someone to help you carry the box. GREAT BUY! 05/20/2011
Rated 4 out of 5 by Great Value Like other reviewers have mentioned, this is smaller than expected, however the compact size is a space saver. Works perfectly if you have a small room and need to conserve space. I purchased the cabinet hoping that my 22-inch flat wide-screen monitor would fit inside the monitor area, but was disappointed that it did not. Luckily the monitor can sit just outside the designated area without blocking the shelves on the right. I continue to be very impressed with Walmart's online ordering experience. Products arrive very quickly and shipping costs are minimal. 04/27/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by Overall good product The good: It's a nice armoire and fits well into the office. I needed something that would hold a computer, monitor, modem, router, all in one printer (read as big and bulky), games/cds, and would hide any "mess" my husband decides to create on his desk surface. This is perfect for that! The color is beautiful and it is a sturdy armoire! It hides ALL of the cords behind it very well. I had a tangled mess behind my husband's old desk (which was a pain to untangle) and I took small sip ties (not tightened too tightly) to bind them together behind the armoire so they won't tangle and it looks so much better! The bad: When I got it there was some chipping on one of the boards, and a few scratches on a couple other boards (unfortunately I forgot to check the boards before I started putting it together, so by the time I noticed the chip, I already had about 3/4 of the armoire together). Now, I had this shipped to me, so I assume it happened during shipping. It wouldn't have been too big of a deal had the Armoire been a lighter wood color instead of black. I just took a black permanent marker and colored it in, but *I* know it's there (unless I were to point it out, I don't think anyone else would notice though). It took a LONG time to set it up. I spent hours on this even though I had all of the tools I needed from the beginning, and followed the directions. I had to fit my body into the framing to put together some of the boards and screw them into place, which was challenging (thankfully I am small enough to do that). The monitor my husband has barely fit into the monitor spacing (even though I measured it before purchase). I was able to angle it just a little bit so it's not such a tight fit, but my measurements weren't off and this should have fit in nicely. The backing didn't give the computer enough "breathing" room so I ended up cutting the hole in the back where the computer goes larger than what the "precut" was. It doesn't look bad from the front, but if the armoire is moved out it doesn't look "great" (I cut it perfectly straight, but it looks odd from the back with a bigger hole in the cardboard). IF you have a smaller tower this won't be an issue for you, my husband's tower is full size (it fits well into the computer shelf itself, it just needs more breathing space than a small tower). There were 46-48 tiny nails I had to nail into the backing to hold it in place. It was very difficult to tell where there were and weren't perforations for me to nail the backing on. I didn't want to end up with nails in the wrong place, so it took a while to find where they all needed to go. The directions were kind of vague in detail for building. I've built a lot of things for our home (shelving, desks, entertainment centers, etc) so thankfully I already knew what was involved. Oh, also, some of the boards that should have been marked with a sticker weren't, so I had to make sure I was putting the right boards in the right places, which added time to building. Don't let the "bad" deter you from this product, just be prepared to spend a lot of time building this, and don't make the same mistake as me, check ALL the boards before you start putting it together! It's sturdy when put together and I love the color (they make it in a few colors, but my color theme is black in my home, so this fit nicely)! I've included pictures, please note, the spots are my camera, they are NOT on the armoire! 01/04/2014
Rated 2 out of 5 Buyer beware We purchased this about a year ago. At first, we really liked it and it looked really nice. However, over the last few months, the veneer from the front and back of the door panels have been peeling off, so we are very disappointed (see picture). We've bought composite wood furniture in the past and have never had this happen to us. Also, the doors are easily scratched from the keyboard tray. So I give it high marks for initial appearance but very low marks 01/28/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Very nice product I love this desk! It's solid, sturdy and very functional. The price was right and I was able to put it together by myself in a few hours. I only required assistance in standing the unit up and moving it into place in the room. It looks so nice in my den and I love being able to close the doors when not in use. The only issue I have is that the compartments are a little dark with the ebony finish. I found a simple under cabinet light online that I will be installing underneath the top portion of the desk and I think that will give me adequate light. 03/13/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Very happy A solid product and looks perfect with my Oriental decor in the bedroom. Took me (54 yo female alone, and not the brightest bulb in the box when it comes to assembling furniture/following directions) about 4 hours to put together. But everything connected right and went together fine. It's very sturdy, and fits my 20-inch monitor, the computer box that's 16 inches deep, 15 inches tall and 7 inches wide, plus an hp scanner/fax/copier that's 17 inches wide and 9 inches tall. With plenty more room for files, notebooks, paper, printer cartidges etc etc. I love it! **DO listen to the others who have written reviews here and advise using an electric screwdriver - that made everything SO much easier! 05/18/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by Really Like it I am really pleased with it. It's inexpensive and looks good. I like the color. The color name Cinnamon Cherry doesn't really fit but it looks like the picture shows. It is pretty heavy especially in the box. I put it together myself and it did take a good 3 hrs. This is only about the 4th piece of furniture that I have put together. It wasn't hard to do. It just has alot of parts and I wanted to make sure I did it correctly. Once put together, it would have been nice to have some of those furniture sliders to put under it so that it would be easier to move around. I couldn't quite make up my mind where exactly I wanted it at first, so had to move it across the room on carpet which wasn't real easy. But also, being an inexpensive type of furniture, it would be easier on it moving it around with sliders. That way you aren't jarring it around alot. It wasn't damaged or scratched when I got it. It's really cool. It's a little office and then you close it up and it's a nice looking piece of furniture. Mine is in my living room. I don't think most people would know it has my little office in it. I have a 17" monitor in it. It has plenty of storage area. I almost bought an open desk but I'm so glad I saw these online. I love this idea. Very pleased with this purchase. 07/13/2011
Rated 4 out of 5 by A great looking piece for a great value Based on other reviews of this product, I knew what to expect and I was not disappointed. It did take 2-3 hours to assemble, and while I have yet to move it to its permanent location and use it everyday, I know it will more than meet my needs. I needed something to keep my "junk" organized, as well as hidden for those moments when I'm not so organized! Other than a few really small scratches on the front-which I plan to use a furniture marker to cover-the armoire is very nice looking. Read the unpacking/box opening instructions carefully because I believe it's possible the scratches occurred during unpacking rather than shipping, as we opened the box differently than suggested on the packaging. Someone else's review suggested maybe using a more stable backing and that could be a nice difference if you can find something to match, but mine will probably always be against a wall and once built and filled with things, I don't foresee stability being an issue. I am not using the armoire for a computer, but will store and sometimes use my laptop in it. I had looked for a small enclosed desk and the best deal I found was $300. This value was unbeatable. I was floored to get something so nice for such a deal, and to have it shipped to my home for only about $9 was amazing. Amazon wanted about $60 to ship it! Highly recommend to anyone looking for a nice organizational/computer desk option. 05/10/2011
Rated 4 out of 5 by Good piece for the price Its pretty stable, takes awhile to assemble but if you follow the directions you should not have a problem, if you can you want to have it delivered to your distination, it is heavy, front doors are plain, but it is nice for the price, the one i received had some chips, i contacted Sauder and they sent me a color matching pencil that worked well, in which i received in 2 days after calling them. 03/23/2011
Rated 3 out of 5 by Nice piece of furniture for a miniature room... I was excited to receive my new armoire for new family desktop, considering the great sales price. When it arrived, I was very happy with the color and sturdiness or the wood. My family and I then began the project of putting the piece together... At near completion, we stood it up to connect the doors, and to our surprise, it stood about 4ft high. :o/ It was basically a beautiful, miniature piece. Ok given...we didn't expect Ashley-quality furniture, but really?? We considered buying extra wood to create a pedestal, but figured it'd just make the keyboard drawer too high. Might have returned it, but who wants to haul it back to Walmart. Somewhere down the line it might become part of my 7-yr-old son's bedroom ensemble. Like I said, nice piece if furniture for a miniature room... 12/23/2011
Rated 4 out of 5 good buy overall Good buy overall but I had a couple of problems. 1- 2 of the boards had small dents which I wouldn't mind but 1 was right in the middle of the top so it's pretty noticeable for anyone over 5 ft tall. I used a marker to cover so it's not too bad. 2- The picture must have a pretty small monitor to fit under the shelf since mine sits much taller- luckily the shelf is small & my monitor is thin enough that I can pull it close to the edge & have the shelf on the very top so my little speakers just fit. I just wanted something to hide my computer equipment & my bills so it works great for this. 03/10/2011
Rated 1 out of 5 by poorly made When putting this together it was extremely difficult. To add to the stress of it all when standing up the cabinet it was very wobbily and then come to find out the only thing that keeps it from falling over is basic cardboard on the back of the cabinet that is nailed in. Very sad product for $100 and trusting to put my 2000 computer into it is not something I am willing to risk. 03/28/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by I already knew by reading prior reviews what to expect as to size. It is serving its purpose very well. I have always trusted Sauder products and now I can say they have EXCELLENT customer service. Mine came with 2 cracked pieces, one chipped and one with a small dent. I went to their website and ordered those 4 pieces. They arrived within a week 12/14/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by Would buy this again!!!!!!! We bought this computer armoire for many reasons my husband and I thought is was reasonably priced, it had doors to hide the computer away, and the design although simple looks nice enough to have in the livingroom. We have 4 young children and it is still holding up after about a year. We also like that it's not too bulky. We have a long narrow livingroom and it fits perfectly. I find it to be a very functional piece of furniture. I am truely impressed and would definately buy it again. 07/10/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great deal! Took me 4 hours to assemble (I am an old woman) and I used an electric screwdriver. The color is definitely not any form of cherry, more like expresso, which is fine since I had read the other reviews so wasn't expecting anything else. It looks great in my kitchen and keeps all the clutter from the computer/office area out of sight. For the price, you can't beat it and people thought I paid a lot more. A very reasonably priced way to get organized. 04/22/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by great space saver I had wanted to move my computer out of the living room and into my bedroom but there wasn't enough room for me to do that and then when I saw the armoire it was perfect. I received it yesterday and it took me about 2 1/2hrs. to put together. it fit in the small space I had left in my room. (1 bedroom apt.) and I love it. was a bit upset when I saw that two days later the price had rolled back. but otherwise a great buy. 01/27/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Good sturdy furniture for the price. Got to have a little patience, there are a lot of pieces and screws. Video instructions help greatly. Beautiful looking wood and great quality for the price. 06/21/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by great little desk. It is not tall but we put out printer on top and used the printer storage area inside for paper and supplies. We are very happy with our purchase. Shipping took 2 weeks from order date but that was the only issue we had. 06/13/2011
Rated 4 out of 5 by Perfect for the small, tight space I had in my dinning room to put it in. I previously had my computer set up on the dinning room table, with monitor, speakers and printer, and all my other stuff (CD's, papers, books, etc) spread out all over the tabletop, which I had to move four or five times a year for family or holiday dinners. Now, all my stuff tucks easily inside this Sauder's Computer Armoire with room for even more. But I wish it had a slide-out printer shelf and a slide-out verticle file drawer, and maybe a small drawer under the keyboard shelf. I may attempt to add those items myself, at least a file storage box. Easy assembly with power screwdriver and small tack-hammer. 06/09/2011
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